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Stamp Duty Calculator

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp duty fees can put an indelible mark to your home loan deal. Use the online calculator above to determine this. This calculator determines transfer duty, mortgage duty, mortgage registration and transfer fees for properties with an existing dwelling.

On the other hand, vacant land may incur different rates of duty and fees. To have a clearer picture on this, you must enter your loan details such as your state, property value and loan amount. You must also choose whether the property is for residential or investment purposes.

You must indicate whether you are a first time home buyer or not. After keying in all of the details, click on the “calculate stamp duty” tab to determine your mortgage registration fee, stamp duty on the property, transfer fee and stamp duty on the loan.

Once you are done calculating, you may either print the results or save it for future purposes. You may also email us for your comments or email the results to a friend. However, this calculator’s results must only be used as a guide and not as a quote or pre-qualification for a home loan. Or better yet, contact one of eChoice’s home loan consultants to get more details about a home loan application.

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