My success stories

Thanks for all your help getting our home loan across the line. Thanks for finding us a great loan that covered all our needs. It was great that you were always in contact with us and helped out with the paper work. We will be recommending you to our friends and family.

Andrew Williamson

Our loan was a simple refinance with additional funds to renovate, or so we thought. Andrew provided us with very detailed prospective lenders and what they offered. We had a slight change of mind which Andrew took in his stride and provided the best option for us, being ING Direct. Then the fun began. Andrew worked his backside off for us, because this was no ordinary refinance as we were all about to discover.

Months were ticking by faster than time itself and every time we thought we had it ready to submit, it did not happen. Andrew was unreal in his commitment to us and to helping and guiding us through the process. His passion for the clients he has is evident with the support he provides.

Finally, after about 4 months we now have our loan, but we can say without Andrew it would not of happened. We were ready to give up half way, but Andrew’s positive nature and excellent professionalism, kept us on track.

If anyone ever asks me if I would recommend eChoice Home Loans, I would in a heartbeat. Andrew Hill is the man. Thank you, Andrew, for everything you have done for us, and we believe not only did we get the best deal around, but also a friend in you. You are amazing, dedicated and a bloody good bloke. Thank you just does not seem enough but again thank you.

Mick and Kim, TAS