Melanie Hearse

Melanie Hearse

Melanie Hearse is a West Australian based freelance writer, specialising in real estate, personal finance, health, lifestyle and small business writing. Her work has appeared on four continents, and she regularly contributes to news and lifestyle outlets, magazines and speciality websites. When she’s not tapping on her keyboard, she can be found watching questionable television, reading a book or talking the ear off a stranger, usually with one of her dogs nearby.
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Morrison’s ‘gas-led recovery’ – will it really save households money?

The Morrison government says it's willing to fund a new gas infrastructure project if the private sector won't. But will it increase household savings?

What does Victoria’s eviction ban extension mean for tenants and landlords?

The Victorian Government has extended its moratorium on evictions to 28 March 2021. Here's everything landlords and investors need to know.


Home loan questions to ask before buying your first investment property

Looking into buying your first investment property? Everything you need to know about financing and home loan options for investment properties.

First Home Buyers

How COVID-19 is changing Australian home ownership goals

This years lockdown as well as a new work and study from home lifestyle has radically changed what we want in our homes and where we want to live.


Can casual employees get a home loan?

Want a home loan but worried your casual employee status will get in the way? We explain the ins and outs of home loan approval for casuals.


How to protect your assets as a sole trader

Being a sole trader can be both freeing but also financially challenging. The low-down on strategies to protect your assets as a sole trader.


Do Zip Pay and Afterpay affect your credit score?

Referred to as interest-free payment providers, Zip Pay and Afterpay are not classed as credit cards or loans, but can they affect your chances of mortgage approval?


COVID-19 may cost expats thousands if they can’t sell their home by end of financial year

The combination of a change to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption rules and COVID-19 restrictions could cause a headache for expats trying to sell.


Here’s how to create a great garden with those extra iso-hours

Get back to nature and make the most of those extra iso-hours with some potted good: how to create your very own garden escape.


What is a dual income property?

Looking to earn more money from the one property? Here's what you need to know about dual income properties.


Work-out from home: Don’t miss out on getting that killer body

Desperate to ward off any extra isolation-related weight? The news is good on the fitness front - there are limitless options out there to meet all tastes.


How to help your go-to businesses and services survive the COVID-19 shutdown

Small business is adapting in creative ways to ride-out the Covid-19 shutdown, so it's only fitting we do our part too. Here's to supporting your local.


Is Sydney Airport in debt? Fingers are pointing to Coronavirus and Climate Change

While coronavirus and climate change vie to sink our tourism and travel industries, lending has found an interesting way to create the change we need to see in the world.


The car designed for millennials

Both fuel-efficient and not costing the earth, while admitting less CO2 than a petrol engine, a hybrid could be the vehicle solution you've been looking for.


How to protect your credit score during the Coronavirus shutdown

While the Covid-19 pandemic has led the banks to expand their hardship criteria, open communication with your lender remains the most sage financial advice.


Smarter ways to budget on your home loan (and still have fun)

A way to budget your spending while still having fun? Sounds impossible. Whether you're saving for a deposit or to meet repayments you can still have fun - just follow these tips!


How is climate change affecting property investment?

Australians have always yearned for an investment property by the beach, but according to science-backed analysis, climate change will leave 1 in 19 properties uninsurable by the end of the decade.


Good versus bad debt

While debt is often talked of in a negative fashion, it's not all bad. But in this big wide world, what determines good versus bad debt?


Hacks to make your rental feel like home

Make your new rental feel more like home with these tips to personalise the space to your style - without breaking your bond.


Should I refinance my mortgage to buy an investment property?

Got a mortgage but want to take advantage of the low rates and nab an investment property? According to PGA, now's a good time so join us as we tell you how - including all the dos and don'ts.


We’re spending more money on our kitchen revamps

A recent widescale study found kitchens top our to-do list when it comes to home renovations. Here’s what else it reveals about Australian reno habits.


Understanding conveyancing and how it works

Conveyancing: What is it and why is it necessary? And, is it possible to do it yourself? Join us as we talk to OpenAget's Ellen Orton.


Tradey VS DIY home maintenance: When to call in the expert?

What jobs are DIY-able and what should be left to the professionals?


What to do if your house isn’t selling

House been on the market, but failing to move? Here's some real estate agent approved tips and tricks to improve your chances.

Property Investment

What is overcapitalisation?

All homes have a maximum value they'll achieve based on location and size. So, if your purchase price and renovation costs exceed this amount, you've overcapitalised. Here's how to avoid doing it.

First Home Buyers

How to take the emotion out of buying your first home

A buyers' agent shares her top tips for keeping your emotions at arm's length when picking and purchasing your first home.


Is it worth seeing a financial advisor?

Whether you're feeling on top of your finances or tend to fly by the seat of your pants, a financial planner may offer more than you thought.


“We’ll save tens of thousands from refinancing our mortgage”

When one couple decided they wanted better service from their lender, they didn't realise they'd also be saving tens of thousands of dollars and shaving a decade off their loan by refinancing their mo...

Buying Again

Property jargon decoded

Buying or selling property? Keep our handy property jargon cheat sheet on hand to save you nodding along blankly during the proceedings!

Property Investment

5 retirement hotspots for your next investment property

With an increasingly ageing population, investing in future retirement living hotspots is a great focus for your property investment portfolio. Here are five suburbs worth considering.

Buying Again

A buyers’ agent’s tips on negotiating on property price

From practising the art of silence to making an offer with your pre-approvals in order, a buyers' agent shares their tips for negotiating the best possible price on your next property purchase.

Property Investment

Turning an investment property into an Airbnb rental

If you've ever considered turning your investment property into a short term rental, here's what you need to know before diving in.


How to teach your kids about the value of money

In an increasingly cashless society, it can be challenging to teach children to value and manage money. Here are some simple ways to help them grow up to be financially savvy.


How to spot and beat a scam

Scammers consistently change their methods to capitalise on current trends or events. Get to know the most common scams. Here's what to watch out for.


What is the KonMari Method?

Heard all the buzz about Marie Kondo’s revolutionary new way to declutter and keep your home tidy and want to know more? Here’s a quick guide to the basics of the KonMari Method.

First Home Buyers

What do lenders look for in a mortgage applicant?

There have been many recently changes to the lending environment, with lenders becoming more cautious. Here's how you could improve your 'lendability'.


4 easy-care plants to add style to your home

Tiffany Benn, Director of Hart Home Decor, shares her favourite easy-care indoor plants to add style and flair to any room.


How to keep your fencing up-to-date

Often overlooked during a renovation planning process, fences form a frame for your home and can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Here’s what’s hot for 2019 in fencing.


The 2019 paint colour trends that pass the ‘classic’ test

Here’s our pick of the year's paint colour trends, designed to remind us to unwind and log out daily. Best of all, they won’t look dated by 2020.


Pantone announces its Colour of the Year for 2019

This year's Pantone Colour of the Year - Living Coral - has been dubbed "an animating and life-affirming hue that energises and enlivens".

Buying Again

Should you sell before you buy your next home?

Many homeowners looking to move often ask themselves if they should buy before selling. To answer this question, you need to consider financial conditions and market settings, as well as the benefits ...