Bluestone Mortgages Home Loans

Bluestone Mortgages Home Loans

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Everything you need to know about a Bluestone Mortgages Home Loan

Bluestone is a specialist non-bank lender focussed on assisting those who are unable to secure a loan through mainstream lenders. Bluestone, who has been around since 2000, has a range of products suitable for home buyers, self-employed business owners and PAYG borrowers. With a borrowing capacity of up to 85% and loan terms spanning up to 30 years, Bluestone offers mortgage applications to a range of people. These include applicants who have past or present credit issues, rent arrears, ATO debts or a discharge in bankruptcy.

Key Benefits

  • Don’t automatically decline an application based on credit score
  • Flexible with documentation for self-employed borrowers
  • They are known for accepting borrowers who don’t fit the ‘standard’ lending criteria


  • Their ‘risk fee’ can be expensive
  • They only lend up to 85% of property value
  • No branch access

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Business building ceiling

Bluestone Mortgages Home Loan Products Breakdown

Bluestone Prime

  • Accepts a range on income types including self-employed and casual workers (although should have strong employment history)
  • Flexibility in income verification for self-employed applicants
  • Ability to consolidate unsecured debt

For the non-traditional borrower with good credit

The Bluestone Prime home loan offers non-traditional borrowers a competitive home loan rate. With the product accepting a range of employment types, casuals, short-term workers and the self-employed are all catered for. Also offers flexibility in income verification methods for the self-employed, removing some of the headache of applying for a loan.

Bluestone Near Prime

  • Accepts short-term and casual employment
  • Simplified income verification
  • For those who don’t fit traditional lending criteria

For those who don’t qualify for Bluestone Prime

Closely related to the Bluestone Prime, the Bluestone Near Prime is for borrowers who don’t quite meet the lending criteria for Bluestone Prime but are equally as worthy of lending. With simplified income verification and acceptance of short-term and casual employment, this is for borrowers who don’t fit traditional lending criteria.

Bluestone Specialist

  • Will not dismiss candidates purely on credit score
  • Unlimited debt consolidation
  • Assesses applicants on case-by-case basis

For the borrower with past finance troubles

A flexible home loan designed for borrowers who have had past financial problems, the Bluestone Speciality loan does not discount borrowers purely based on credit score – instead, it assesses on a case-by-case basis.

Bluestone Specialist +

  • For those recovering from past financial difficulties
  • Good for those that have had credit issues, bankruptcy or defaults
  • Unlimited debt consolidation

For those recovering from bad credit or bankruptcy

A home loan designed for those recovering from past financial difficulties, the Bluestone Specialist + is for borrowers who may have experienced past bankruptcy or default and are in the process of recovering. Borrowers can gain finance for up to 80% LVR and have unlimited debt consolidation.

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