Bluestone Mortgages

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Bluestone Mortgages

Founded: 1999

Lender Type: Specialist Lender

Owned by: Privately Owned

Bluestone is a specialist non-bank lender focussed on assisting those who are unable to secure a loan through mainstream lenders. Bluestone, who has been around since 2000, has a range of products suitable for home buyers, self-employed business owners and PAYG borrowers. With a borrowing capacity of up to 85% and loan terms spanning up to 30 years, Bluestone offers mortgage applications to a range of people. These include applicants who have past or present credit issues, rent arrears, ATO debts or a discharge in bankruptcy.

Key Benefits

Don’t automatically decline an application based on credit score
Flexible with documentation for self-employed borrowers
They are known for accepting borrowers who don’t fit the standard’ lending criteria


Their risk fee’ can be expensive
They only lend up to 85% of property value
No branch access

Home Loan Products

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How to apply for a home loan through Bluestone

Bluestone home loan applications can be made either through their website via an online enquiry or through calling their Home Loan Specialists team on 1300 608 658.

Alternatively, you can contact eChoice so one of our brokers can help you find the right product and guide you through the application process.

Bluestone’s home loan rates

Bluestone interest rates are dependant on the applicant’s financial situation. Being a risk-based-lender, Bluestone will look at an applicant’s loan-to-value-ratio, equity and credit history in order to determine a suitable rate based on the risk the applicant poses.

What types of home loans does Bluestone offer?

Clean Slate

Clean Slate is designed for customers who have proof of income via payslips and tax assessment notices but are struggling to secure a loan through a mainstream lender due to missing criteria. This product has no mortgage insurance costs although risk fees do apply. Redraw facilities and cash out options are available and, short term or casual employees are considered.

Lite Blue

Provided you have been in business for 12 months or more, the Lite Blue product is designed to help self-employed customers who have had trouble sourcing finance from mainstream lenders. Cash out is available for business purposes and there are no mortgage insurance costs, but there are risk fees’.

Business Easy

Designed for the self-employed or small business owners operating for over three months, the Business Easy loan uses the equity you already have in your home to extend your credit towards investment, business needs or debt consolidation. Cash out options are available for business purposes.

Crystal Blue

With lower rates and risk fees’ than their other products, Crystal Blue is designed to offer a low-documentation option for self-employed borrowers with good credit. A cash out feature for business purposes is also available.

Bluestone’s mortgage features

  • Long loan terms of up to 30 years
  • Redraw facilities available
  • Weekly, monthly and fortnightly payment options (although the first payment must be monthly)
  • Rates can be fixed for two to three years

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