Once a ‘hot transfer phone call’ is completed between myself and a Home Loan Consultant, I receive SMS and email communications, as well as a Fleats notification confirming the transfer of the lead and the client’s details all in live time! The Home Loan Consultant also types up detailed notes which I can view immediately in Fleats. This allows me to focus on converting a client into a settlement rather than having to take the time to filter through leads.

John Smits, eChoice Home Loan Manager, NSW

eChoice’s platform, Fleats, has allowed me to provide fast and accurate information on loan products, lenders and market trends. Fleats has played an integral role in assisting me to reach the right customer base, by helping me source not just new leads but ‘qualified leads’- customers beyond the point of initial enquiry and who have been nurtured and pre-qualified by a loan consultant.

Alan Ferris, eChoice Home Loan Manager, NSW

Through Fleats I am able to provide clients with a full property report of their choice, as well as suburb and postcode analyses, at no cost to me or my clients. These reports not only act as a value-add for clients by assisting in their purchasing decisions but also as a marketing tool to generate repeat business and client referrals.

Steve Cooke, Aggregation Broker, QLD

Prior to Fleats, I would manually have to research information on 25-30 loan products and lenders in order to provide the client with the best advice on loan options. This was considerably tough and time-intensive, given a number of products on the market and multitude of industry data. Fleats does the groundwork for you in a matter of seconds, allowing me to better service my customers.

Rob Spooner, Aggregation Broker, NSW