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Introducing Hank The Bank Hong, your local Burwood broker

  • Australian Award Winning Broker who deals nationwide
  • Seasoned Investor, developer and investment guru
  • Hanky loves Family, Friends and Food

Hank affectionately known as 'Hank the Bank' has been in the mortgage industry for 14 years now. He is well known in the mortgage industry with top 100 Rankings, numerous awards, publications, podcast and internet videos. These can all be found on his LinkedIn Page.

Hank is able to help assist with options, or providing the steps to getting to your goal.

He also specialises in anything challenging, especially anything to do with:

+ First Home Owners who require step by step assistance

+ Guarantors loans

+ Lenders Mortgage Insurance Waivers and discounts for:
Medico Fields - Doctors, Specialist, Surgeons & General Practitioners, Optometrist
Finance - Accountants, Financial Controllers (with incomes over $150,000)
Legal - Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers (with incomes over $150,000)
Mining - Engineers, Surveyors (with incomes over $150,000)

+ Trust Structures:
Hybrid / Unit
Family / Discretionary
Property Investment Trust

+ Full time Investors

+ Development and Commercial lending

+ Challenging

Hank is always here to help.

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  • Diploma in Financial Services
  • MPA Top 100 Australian Broker 2014 & 2015
  • The Adviser Top 30 under 30 Australian Broker 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Australian Broking Awards - Newcomer of the Year 2012
  • Finalist in Australia\'s Brightest Broker 2014 & 2013
  • Numerous Industry Publications
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcast
  • Seasoned Investor, builder and developer


+ 14 Years in Mortgage Industry starting from the age of 18 which makes him a Young Veteran
- Over 10 years working in a Home Loans Brokerage
- 4 years at Resi mortgage as a Credit Assessor
+ Hank has dealt nearly every type of finance transactions over the past 14 years
+ Hank also has a strong knowledge in different investment strategies, which range from:
- Positive geared investment portfolio
- Knock down and re-build
- Small developments
- Duplexes
- House, Units, townhouses, terraces and granny flats
+ Hank also has strong relationships in the industry which is always a advantage when dealing with large banks.

Hank the Bank is the Business! I was referred to Hank by a colleague. I am a professional and can say Hank is up there with the best as far as client service goes. He really goes the extra mile in his role as a broker. You can trust him and he really cares. I did my research and he beat the all the rates. He responds to immediately and always keeps you in the loop. He takes pride in his work and is a hard worker. 100%recommend Hank and the team. I wouldn't use anybody else.

Lydia Wheatley, Surry Hills NSW

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. My husband and I would never have become home owners if it wasn't for this company, in particular, Hank. Extremely fast service., honesty and most important of all always friendly, they never treat you as anything less than their equal. Don't waste time with anyone else. Much love Hank thank you for everything!

Christine Kenton, Hunter Valley NSW

Hank and everything is possible... Dear Hank, There are really no words to adequately express how grateful I am.rnI didn't know you, there were many hurdles to overcome but you persisted and made my life beautiful again.That was 5 years ago. Two weeks ago me and my daughter signed contract for our second property again thanks to you...rnYou are incredible person and I consider you more than just a Broker, I consider you my friend and part of my small family.rnWe have someone who care about us and this is something that money cannot buy. Thank you my dear Hank Hong and God bless every single day in your life...Regards Oli

Olivera, Kogarah NSW

Changed our lives - twice! It was thanks to Hank and co. that we managed to get our first home loan four years ago, when we'd been knocked back in the past. Hank had so much knowledge about what bank, what kind of loan, how to go about it - the whole thing was very easy. Then in the last couple of years Hank has checked in every so often to see how the loan is travelling and if there is any way of getting a better deal for us - just when we were wanting to do some renovations but floundering in our credit card debt, he managed to get us an amazing refinance deal that cl ears our debt and saves us loads on interest. Hank always knows the answer to any question we have and basically sorts everything! Also you can have a good yarn with Hank and he will tell it like it is.. I would recommend Hank to anyone and everyone. Thanks Hank the Bank!

Ian Laraway, Brisbane QLD

Best Broker Ever. I found Hank and the team to be fantastic at what they do and ensured my settlement went through smoothly with no dramas. I was very impressed with Hank as he answered all of my questions very quickly and I found him a pleasure to deal with. I received my loan approval in a matter of hours and I submitted my documentation to them without recourse. They were very attentive compared to other brokers I dealt with and ensured I got the best rate possible. I wouldn't hesitate in returning to them when I can purchase another property. I have nothing but praise for Hank and his team and I've recommended them to other friends who also had the same pleasant experience I had.

Ignatius A, Sydney NSW