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Introducing Nicholas Ridgway, your local Newcastle broker

  • I will assist in reviewing your finances and find the right loan solution for you.
  • I will focus on providing you options by comparing 25+ lenders and 100\'s of home loans.
  • I will do all the leg work for you and take you through the process from start to settlement.

Hi I'm Nick,

Success is what drives me, motivating me to excel at what I do. My passion for delivering beyond what is expected sets me apart from other sales professionals. Settling for anything less than exceptional is not acceptable to me, and really does show in the quality of how I present myself, my level of product knowledge and standard of customer service.

With having a charismatic personality and natural wit, I am able to quickly gain a sound rapport with my clients and combined with an astute awareness of personality types I have the ability to adapt my approach to suit, whilst still maintaining a genuine and authentic representation of who I am.

Here are four reasons why you should use my services:

No 1. I will review your financial circumstances and have your best interests at heart. A bank's first priority is not to serve you, their customer, but to make big profits for their shareholders. If you use my services,I will take the time to consider your situation and provide your with tailored options that suits you so you feel safe and secure.

No 2. My service is cost free so you have no added fees. As a mortgage broker, me level of knowledge and expertise as well as consultations from start to settlement is at no charge to you. I receive my payment directly from the banks so you can rest assured I will work hard to find you a competitive loan.

No 3. My service is ongoing and I want can assist you years after your loanhas settled to provide free home loan health checks. It's critical to review your home loan regularly to make sure it still works for your financial situation.Home loan products change, so I am offering an open dialogue to discuss your options.

No 4. I will explain everything involved in the home loan process and take the stress out of it. I will help you understand your loan structure so youlearn the mortgage jargon such as the rates, terms, features, and fees. And best of all, I will negotiate a competitive loan product for you and take care of all the paperwork saving you time.

It's free to do a little research and get a broker to help you out. Make your money work for you.

Give me a call I'm sure I can help.

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  • FBAA Accredited
  • Cert IV in Finance
  • Anti Money Laundering Certificate
  • Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO) Membership


Through my career I have displayed an aptitude for handling difficult accounts and situations, competently gaining the confidence of others and effectively identifying solutions to create impressive outcomes.

I value direct dialogue and when applied with an attentive manner, quickly establish clear lines of communication creating a professional image of communication.

My responsibilities to my clients include:

Providing relevant recommendations based on my client needs analysis, with suitable advice on home loan structures

Write loans and managing the loan process right through to post settlement

Consolidate debts and loans

Pro activeness in maintaining and building long term relationships

Effective relationship management skills and business acumen

Access to some of the best banking, wealth and insurances in the market

Extensive and ongoing product training on over 25 specialised lenders

Ongoing training to stay informed of product, service and policy changes

Liaising with banks/credit unions to ensure client\'s requirements are met

Adapting to market trends and legislative changes accordingly