Editorial Guidelines

The principles and values that guide everything we write.


Established in Australia in 1998, eChoice has attained a trusted position in the Australian Home Loan comparison market, through our relevant, accurate and trustworthy guidance. We are also a mortgage brokerage, and have home loan specialists on hand to help customers on their home loan journey.

We educate and inform existing and potential customers with insight into the property market, trending brands, news, innovative tools, renovations, finance, hobbies and families. This helps us to navigate customers through meaningful milestones and build an honest connection regardless of whether customers intend to purchase a home.

Our values

  • eChoice aims to help customers make informative and educated decisions.
  • Our goal is to be a leading home loan comparison and education website in Australia.
  • Our constant drive to achieve this goal, is knowing that our readers trust us and believe that they can rely on the currency, objectivity and accuracy of the content we publish.
  • We are committed to producing relevant, objective, fair, trustworthy and original content to benefit our readers during key life milestones.
  • Our staunch commitment to these values helps us to improve the perception of eChoice to gain influence and authority in order to be recognised as a thought leader.


The following editorial principles and rules explain how we apply our values to the creation of exceptional and engaging content.

Information, not advice

We steer clear of ‘sales copy’ and focus on engaging and topical content, which makes our audience want to stay on and revisit our content for more insight into the categories we cover.

Our content is information-led and not sales-led: We want customers to trust us and feel they’re being informed, rather than sold to.

We publish tools, calculators, strategies and information that our readers can use to make better and more informed decisions

Where we consider that there may be a risk and that the content we publish may be misinterpreted as advice, we will provide a clear disclaimer and recommend that they seek advice elsewhere.


Content must be objective. We try to remain fair and impartial in coverage of news and actions. Content is not attributed to a third party (e.g. where it could be deemed to be the opinion of the website) must not be defamatory.


The news, product information, market analysis and all other information we publish is internally reviewed and fact-checked thoroughly.

We understand the value of our reputation and we take all reasonable efforts to ensure our published content is accurate, complete and current at the time of publication.


eChoice’s editorial voice is informative and engaging, with a sense of energy. We avoid producing content that reads like advertising or publicity material and do not make claims that can’t be substantiated.

We want our content to be easily accessible to users, therefore we publish clear, concise and practical content. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of delivering crisp and fresh Australian news and financial information. We do not give financial advice – we provide key facts and information (provide information on different options available but never tell the reader that this is the only correct option available).


We are responsible for the content we publish on our website and we are accountable for acting in a manner consistent with our values and these principles. Where we make mistakes the editorial team will correct them immediately.


Articles and guides may be updated regularly after the initial date and time of publication to include new information, research, products or comments from sources.

Any piece that is updated with new information and by a new author after publication receives an appended notice to readers of the date the piece was originally published.


Articles with factual inaccuracies are corrected promptly and transparently, with a correction notice appended to the piece.

To submit a request for a correction, email info@echoice.com.au.


eChoice has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. Contributors are expected to use their own words and ideas, and provide clear and accurate citations to outside sources when relevant. eChoice also does not permit writers to “self-plagiarise” (when a writer reuses their own writing from a past piece in a new piece), and considers that plagiarism.

Contributor Conduct

All eChoice contributors are expected to uphold and represent the values of the company in how they conduct themselves, both online and off, and are prohibited from using eChoice’s name for personal advantage.

Regulatory Notice

eChoice is the trading name of Finconnect (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 45 122 896 477) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ABN 48 123 123 124). Finconnect is authorised to provide general guidance and services on home loan lending and affiliated services under the Australian Credit Licence 385888. Finconnect has an obligation to ensure that all advertising (which includes content) meets our Advertising & Brand Licensee Standard, ASIC’s RG 234 Marketing, Australian Privacy Principles and the Spam Act 2003.