eMoney Home Loans

eMoney Home Loans

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Everything you need to know about an eMoney Home Loan

An independently owned non-bank lender, eMoney specialises in offering a personalised home loan experience, with a view to help all types of customers – including first homebuyers, the self-employed and those with adverse credit. Assessing each applicant on a case-by-case basis, eMoney aim to analyse individual circumstances and used that knowledge to offer the most competitive home loan deal.

Key Benefits

  • Consider borrowers with adverse credit
  • Operate online and over the phone so easy to access
  • Open to all borrowers, despite their circumstances


  • No branch access
  • Operates entirely online and over the phone
  • Although they offer home loans to non-traditional candidates (such as bad credit) these could be associated with a much higher interest rate

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eMoney Home Loan Products breakdown

eMoney Variable Rate loan

  • Maximum LVR 90%
  • Offset and redraw available
  • Suitable for owner-occupiers

For the home buyer looking for extra home loan features

Whether this is your first home or your second, this home loan is perfect for the owner-occupier who has saved somewhat of a deposit and is looking for a product that will offer extra features such as offset and redraw.

eMoney Fixed rate loan

  • Maximum LVR 90%
  • Offset and redraw available
  • Suitable for owner-occupiers

For home buyers looking for a fixed rate with extra features

A home loan designed for homebuyers looking for a fixed rate home loan with extra features such as the availability of redraw facilities and an offset account. In some cases this product also allows for extra repayments.

eMoney Bridging loan

  • Buy a new home before selling your old one
  • Typically interest only
  • Usually available for the short-term (6-12 months)

Get into your dream home before selling your current property

Suitable for those who are still waiting for their current property to sell but are eager to lay claim on a new home. Provides the finance to ‘bridge’ the gap in funds until the current property is sold.

eMoney Investment Home Loans

  • Fixed or variable interest rates available
  • Access to offset and redraw facilities
  • Suitable for investors

For the property investor

Designed for property investors, this loan is available as a fixed or variable rate, with a usual maximum LVR of 90%. Offset and redraw facilities available.

eMoney Construction loan

  • For extensive renovations or home construction
  • Funds released progressively
  • Payment release designed to coincide with the various stages of construction

For the home builder or extensive renovator

If you’re conducting extensive home renovations or need funds to finance the construction of your new home, the eMoney construction home loan will help you to meet your needs.


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