Your guide to Brisbane’s most popular suburbs

Your guide to Brisbane’s most popular suburbs

Kathryn Lee - 27 May, 2020

If an idyllic lifestyle and affordable prices are at the top of your property wishlist, it’s hard to go past Brisbane. Queensland’s sunshine-soaked capital city offers a blend of city and riverside charm that is attractive to many homebuyers.

Not only that, but Brisbane’s property prices have been slowly rising and are well-positioned for a long overdue boom in 2020. So, if you’re thinking of buying or investing in Brisbane, now may be the time to break into the market.

But, which suburbs in Brisbane are best to buy and live in? And where can you find the best value? To help you answer those questions, we’ve put together a handy guide to Brisbane’s most popular suburbs in terms of price, investment potential, liveability and more.

Where are the best suburbs to live in Brisbane

The question ‘what are the good suburbs in Brisbane?’ is a tough one to answer, as it’s subjective and depends on what you’re looking for. However, there are certain suburbs that are overall considered more liveable in terms of a number of factors. The 2019 Domain Liveable Brisbane Study ranked 260 suburbs in Brisbane across 17 key indicators, including public transport infrastructure, proximity to the coast, access to education and more.

At the top of the list was Alderley, a leafy suburb 7 kilometres from the CBD. This area is known for its surplus of open space, wide streets and low levels of traffic congestion. Next up was Wilston, an area filled with rolling hills and newly renovated homes. It scored high for its cafe culture, tree cover and walkability.

The affluent suburb of Ascot came in as the third most liveable city in Brisbane, thanks to its excellent amenities, great dining scene and high safety score. The other suburbs in the top 10 were Paddington, Newmarket, Red Hill, Kelvin Grove, Windsor, Albion and Grange.

Woman running along Brisbane SouthBank

What is the average house price in Brisbane?

As of December 2019, Brisbane’s median house price was $577,664. Over the next two years, property prices are expected to soar by 8%, which would make it the biggest house price rise in Australia. However, it’s unclear as of yet how this upwards trend will be impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Brisbane is often thought of as not one property market, but a series of mini markets divided by geographical location. So, if you’re thinking of buying in Brisbane, it can be helpful to also look at the average property price by region.

Median house prices in Brisbane city

The inner city is one of the most expensive and popular suburbs to buy property in Brisbane. As of June last year, the median house price was $905,000 and had experienced a quarterly increase of 0.56%, compared to unit prices which fell by 2.05%

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Median house prices in Brisbane's East

Brisbane’s East boasts the lowest average house prices in Brisbane. In June 2019, the median house price was $550,000. Both houses and units have seen a modest decline in prices over the last year.
City Botanic Gardens Brisbane

Median house prices in Brisbane's North

Brisbane’s Northern suburbs saw some significant drops in both house and apartment prices last year. While a house will set you back around $605,000, it has some of Brisbane’s cheapest apartments with a median of $371,000.

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Median house prices in Brisbane's South

House prices in Brisbane’s Southern suburbs linger somewhere around the middle, with a median of $665,000. Meanwhile, unit prices are considered to be some of Brisbane’s most affordable, with the average price of $396,000 sitting just above the Northern suburbs.

Median house prices in Brisbane's West

Interestingly, in the complete reverse of cities like Sydney, Brisbane’s Western suburbs are home to some of the city’s most expensive real estate. The median house price as of June 2019 was $703,322, putting it just behind the inner-city suburbs. Meanwhile, units in the area have a median price of $438,500

What are the best suburbs for families in Brisbane?

From great schools to lush parks and easy access to the rest of Queensland’s natural wonders, Brisbane has a lot to offer families. But, where’s the best place to base yourself if you’re raising a family? While it depends what you’re looking for, there are a few suburbs in Brisbane that are considered the most family-friendly.

If you’ve ever wondered if East Brisbane is a good suburb for families, you’d be right! The area is known for being safe and friendly, with lots of great amenities for kids. The middle-ring suburb of Wakerley is one of the top 5 suburbs most popular for homebuyers with families, thanks to its wide open spaces, community feel and high density of school in the area.

Other popular areas in Brisbane for families include the, hill-lined streets of Paddington, the village-like suburb of Holland Park near the CBD and the riverside suburb of Indooroopilly.
Family going for a work in Brisbane

Where are the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane?

If you’re looking to invest, the question of ‘where is the best place to buy in Brisbane’ becomes quite a different one to ‘there is the best place to live?’ While it’s important to factor in demand in the area due to liveability, it’s also key to weigh it up against capital growth and rental returns. Here are some of the suburbs in Brisbane considered some of the best to buy an investment property.

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Bridgeman Downs

Located around 14 kms North-West of the Brisbane CBD, Bridgeman Downs was once known for its large, acreage properties. However, it’s become more accessible in recent years and holds promise for investors due to its increasing rents, falling vacancies and a rising population. The median house price here is $785,000.

Carina Heights

This little enclave in the South has become popular for investors seeking doer-uppers and rebuilds. It’s also a popular option for first-home buyers due to its affordability, as well as its access to great amenities. The median house price is $667,500, compared to $900,000 in Camp Hill just one suburb over. So, it’s safe to say you’re getting a great bargain!

Everton Park

Thanks to its newly opened Everton’s Park Plaza Lane, this suburb is quickly becoming the foodie hub of the North. Despite having a dining scene to rival the CBD, this up and coming suburb has an average house price of only $605,000, which is sure to skyrocket in years to come.

Ferny Grove

While this suburb might be located 13 km from the Brisbane CBD, but it’s in hot demand – with a 23% increase in views per home listing on It’s growing appeal could be due to its lush parklands and access to schools and public transport. Currently, the median house price is $620,000, making it accessible for many investors and first-time buyers.


For an even more affordable option, venture North-West to Keperra. With a median house price of $550,000 its an accessible entry point for most and is widely considered just as nice as its more expensive neighbour, Michelton

What is the safest suburb in Brisbane?

Brisbane is overall considered a safe city and is often described as feeling like a big country town. However, like any city, there are certain suburbs you need to take more care in than others.

 According to the Queensland Police, the Southside suburbs of Chuwar, Brookfield, Kenmore Heights, and Upper Kedron have the lowest crime rates and the lowest amount of criminal offences in terms of robbery and assault. These suburbs have an estimated incidence of just 2-3 crimes reported in a month. More prestigious suburbs like  Auchenflower  are also considered extremely safe.

Girl exploring a park in Brisbane

So, what are the worst suburbs in Brisbane in terms of crime? Inala, Forest Lake, Deception Bay, Woodridge and Runcon are the suburbs with the highest rate of theft and break-ins, which is worth taking into consideration if you’re thinking of buying there.

What is the most expensive suburb in Brisbane?

While Brisbane is considered one of the most affordable major cities in Australia, there’s plenty of places to splash cash if your money is burning a hole in your pocket!

Currently, Brisbane’s most expensive suburb is the inner-city region of Teneriffe. What was once known as an industrial area is now making the most of its proximity to the CBD (it’s 2.5 km North-East of the city) and you’ll pay a premium to live there. The median house price is $1,862,500 but many houses in the area stretch as high an eye-watering $4 million!.

The second most expensive suburb in Brisbane is Hamilton. Nestled by the river, this area offers highly sought-after views. Here, house prices have grown 9% over the past 5 years, with a median house price of $1.5 million.

The other areas in Brisbane’s top 10 most expensive suburbs include New Charm, Chandler, Bulimba, Ascot, Fig Tree Pocket, Pullenvale, Hawthorne and St. Lucia.

What is the most affordable suburb in Brisbane?

What is a comparison rate?

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If affordability is a top priority, there’s plenty of suburbs in Brisbane where you can find great value. Unlike many other major cities, you don’t even necessarily have to venture that far out of the CBD to find them! According to data from Domain, you can still pick up a house for less than $500,000 in sleepier suburbs less than 10 kms away from the CBD.

For example, Keperra in Brisbane’s North-West is popular with first home-buyers due to its small-yet-charming post-war houses and access to transport, schools and shops. Here, the median house price is $530,000. Other affordable suburbs for houses include Chermside and Chermside West, in Brisbane’s North, and Everton Park, also in the North-West.

Head a little further out of the CBD and you’ll find the suburb with the cheapest median house price in Brisbane. Inala, 14 km west of Brisbane, has an average price tag of $365,000. Other affordable suburbs in a 10-20 km radius of the city include the bayside suburb of Thorneside and Acacia Ridge in the South.

View of Brisbane from Kangaroo Point

If you’re willing to go as far as 20 to 30 km outside the city centre, you’ll be treated to median house and unit prices in the $300,000s. Goodna, on the outskirts of Ipswich offers great transport links to the CBD and has a median house price of $337,000. Deeper into Ipswich, the suburbs of Collingwood Park and Redbank Plains both have median house prices of $340,000.

In terms of apartments, it can actually be more affordable to live closer to the city in Brisbane than on the outskirts. Domain data shows that apartments in walking distance from the CBD have a median of $400,000, compared to $460,000 for those up to 10 kilometres out. This may be due to being in industrial areas, in the flight path or low socioeconomic areas.

Some of the most affordable places to buy an apartment in Brisbane include Moorooka, Bowen Hills and Clayfield and  Spring Hill.

Whether you’re looking for a modern apartment by the river or a quaint Queenslander out in the suburbs, there’s truly something for everyone in Brisbane. And with the property market seemingly on the brink of a boom, there’s no better time to stake your claim.

Words by Emma Norris


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