Your guide to Perth’s most popular suburbs

Your guide to Perth’s most popular suburbs

Kathryn Lee - 10 Jul, 2020

Perth is known for being smaller and more isolated than Australia’s other capital cities. But what it lacks in size and accessibility, it more than makes up for in liveability, friendly people and unbeatable value. This West Coast gem is popular with those who want to live the beach lifestyle, but don’t want to pay a premium for it.

But, where are the best areas to live and buy in Perth, to really make the most of all it has to offer? Well, that depends on what qualities are important to you – whether that’s price, location, lifestyle or amenities. Here, we’ve put together a guide to Perth’s most popular suburbs based on a few different metrics, to help you determine where is best for you.

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Is it nice to live in Perth?

It’s often been said that if you find yourself in a relationship with someone from Perth, you’re going to end up moving to Perth. This is because locals know how unbeatable the lifestyle is.

Firstly, it gets more hours of sunshine per year than any other capital, allowing locals to take advantage of some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

It’s not just about the surf and sand in Perth, though.  It’s also known for its diverse neighbourhoods – from the historical port area of Fremantle or ‘Freo’ to the trendy Subiaco and riverside beauty of King’s Park. Other major selling points for Perth include low pollution, plentiful green spaces, a thriving job market and near-negligible crime levels.

Fremantle markets building Perth

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Which suburb is best to live in Perth?

In Perth, there’s truly something for everybody and each of its suburbs has a very different feel. While there’s no hard and fast answer to the question “where is the best place to live in Perth?”, there are certain pockets of the city that are considered more liveable than others.

In a report published by, East Perth was named the most lifestyle-friendly suburb not only in Perth, but all of Western Australia. This is thanks to its close proximity to the city (an 8 minute drive or 12 minutes by public transport), waterfront dining scene and impressive position on the Swan River. Here, the median house price is $913,000, compared to $570,000 for units.

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Highgate is considered another highly liveable suburb in Perth. Located under 2 km North-East of the CBD, this inner-city area is actually the smallest neighbourhood in Perth. This gives it a welcoming, small town feel, despite how close it is to the city. Here, the median house price sits at $700,000, compared to $357,500 for units.

A little further from the CBD, Ashfield is also regarded as a great place to live in Perth. Just over 8 km from the city centre, this riverside suburb was once known for its railway houses converted into state-funded housing. Now, it’s renowned for its affordable prices – the median house price here is just $455,000.

If your budget extends a little further, Crawley and Rossmoyne are also popular suburbs in Perth. Sitting on the serene Matilda Bay, Crawley will set you back around $815,000 for a unit, while Rossmoyne is an affluent suburb in the Canning River with a median house price of $1,160,000.

What are the safest suburbs in Perth?

Perth is widely regarded as one of the safest capital cities to live in. But, like anywhere, this varies greatly from suburb to suburb. In fact,’s Life in Australia Index report shows that 72% of Perth residents consider safety their number one factor in deciding where to live – ranking it above even affordable housing and high quality health services. The research showed that Perth locals value safety more than residents in any other major city.

Canstar data shows that the beachside suburb of Iluka is the safest suburb in Perth, with a crime rate of just 1.33 reported incidents per 100 residents. Other extremely safe suburbs in Perth based on crime data are Mahogany Creek, Hovea, Stoneville, Parkerville, Tapping, Burns Beach, Connolly, Roleystone and Darch.

What are the worst suburbs in Perth in terms of safety?

If those are the safest suburbs, you might be wondering “where should I not live in Perth?” Based on WA Police Force data, the suburb with the highest crime rate in Perth is Northbridge, the nightlife centre of Perth. This suburb has a rate of 257.38 reported incidents per 100 residents. Other areas with comparatively high crime rates include Kwinana Town Centre, Neerabup, O’Connor, Burswood, Midland, Cockburn Central, Midvale and Haynes.

What is the richest suburb in Perth?

Flanked on three sides by the Swan River, the picturesque suburb of Dalkeith is the most expensive suburb in Perth. For those who have seen the luxurious mansions in the leafy area, it would come as no surprise that the median house price sits at $2.29 million.

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The second richest suburb in Perth is Cottesloe, which is highly desirable for its beach lifestyle and proximity to Fremantle and the CBD. Here, the median house price sits just behind Dalkeith at $2.187 million.

Travel a little further along the coastline and you’ll find City Beach, Perth’s third most expensive suburb. Here, the name pretty much sums it up – it offers the best of both worlds. Not only is it in relatively close proximity to Perth’s city centre, it has some of the city’s most pristine beaches. Here, the median house price is $1.72 million

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Aerial view of Cottesloe beach Perth

Is it expensive to live in Perth?

Not compared to most capital cities!  According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Perth is the most affordable capital city in Australia, ahead of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

According to data from Numbeo, the cost of living is 8.13% lower than Sydney and rent is, on average, 46.63% lower. This extends to purchasing property, too. CoreLogic data shows that as of December last year, the median house price in Perth was $456,289, compared to $973,664 in Sydney.

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What are the best suburbs in Perth for families?

With its community feel, affordable prices and great natural scenery, Perth is an ideal place to raise a family. Family-friendly suburbs are spread out throughout the city and include:


There’s a lot to love about this suburb, located 8 km North-West of the CBD. It boasts a lake, close proximity to the beach, natural reserves and even wildlife sanctuary. Couple that with the low crime rates and it’s an excellent place for families to live.


Growing families need more space, and Dalkeith offers that in abundance. Not only does this riverside suburb have some of the biggest homes in the city, but there’s plenty of parks and wide open spaces. While the mansions in the area push the median price up, there are still some options for family homes to accomodate other budgets.

Salter Point

If quiet, clean and safe streets are a priority, you can’t go past Salter Point. Surrounded by the Canning River, it offers plenty of places to go for a dip as a family, including the Salter lagoon. Overall, the area offers a relaxing and idyllic lifestyle.

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Located 10 km from the city centre, this suburb is developing a reputation as a hidden gem. The large lots offer plenty of privacy and despite being quite self-contained with shops and amenities, there’s easy access to the CBD.

Other suburbs that are a haven for families include Attadale, Floreat, Rossmyone, Swanbourne, Menora and Mount Claremont.

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What are the best suburbs in Perth to rent?

Perth is a popular place to rent as compared to many other major cities, your dollar can go a lot further. The most popular suburbs in Perth to rent include the Perth City centre and East Perth, which are known as the business hubs of the city. Other desirable inner city suburbs for renters include Mount Lawley, West Perth and South Perth. Further out of the city centre, the developing suburbs of Baldivis, suburban area of Como and beachside area of Scarborough are also popular choices for tenants.

If affordability is top priority, Osborne Park is currently the cheapest suburb in Perth to rent. This industrial area has a median weekly rent of just $265. Wembley and Glendalough are other accessible options, as both have a median rent of $270.

What are the best suburbs in Perth to buy?

If you’re looking to invest in some earth for the first time, there are few better places to do so than Perth. It’s ideal for first time buyers, due to its accessible entry point. While housing prices are currently low, it’s tipped by experts to experience a boom over the next few years – although it is currently unclear how the economic situation around COVID-19 will affect this.

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Perth’s property market is split into the inner ring (suburbs less than 15 km from the city) and outer ring (more than 15 km from the city) The general consensus amongst real estate experts is that the inner ring is the best place to buy. As Perth is a growing city, locals are likely to want to be as close as possible to entertainment, dining options and shopping centres.

Some of the best suburbs in Perth to buy a home include:


With a median house price of $278,000, this Northern suburb is a popular option with first time buyers.

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Located in the City of Swan area, Beechboro has a median house price of $345,000. There has been a 12.2% growth in sales over the last years, indicating that this is a strong suburb to watch.

Tuart Hill

Located just 6 km of the city and with a median house price of just $345,000, this riverside suburb is considered something of a steak.


With a median house price of $530,000, this inner city suburb is one of the more expensive options on this list. However, located just 6 km from the CBD and with a major train station in development, it’s an area with strong long-term potential.

Other promising suburbs to buy in Perth include East Victoria Park, the Southern suburbs of Cannington and Willagee and the middle suburbs of Stirling and East Fremantle.

trawlers in a harbour in Perth suburb of Fremantle

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of Perth’s accessible prices as an investment or settle into your forever home, there’s plenty of great options to buy in Perth. This may not necessarily mean buying in one of Perth’s most popular suburbs, but taking a look at what has a strong reputation can help point you in the right direction.

Words by Emma Norris


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