ING Commercial

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ING Commercial

Founded: 1743 (1999 in Australia)

Lender Type: Online Global Bank

Owned by: Euronext listed

An international online bank, ING is able to offer competitive commercial property loans, ranging from $250,000 to $5,000,000. With strong relationships with Australian mortgage brokers, they’ve been able to capture a noteworthy chunk of the commercial property lending market. ING stands out with their clear and simple loan products and decent interest rates. However, for business customers, they don’t offer a full suite of commercial loans, which means you won’t be able to streamline your business financing needs as you can with other providers.

Key Benefits

Low interest rates
Convenient direct deposit payments
No monthly fees


No branch access
Limited commercial loan products
Not the most flexible features

Lending Products

Lending Product Description

Commercial Fixed Rate Loan

For commercial properties, ING’s Commercial Fixed Rate Loan is an attractive product with a competitive interest rate and no monthly fees or charges. You can fix your rate for one to five years and choose how you want to pay down your mortgage, whether you want to start with principal and interest or interest-only payments. For added convenience, ING lets you pay by direct debit, making sure you never miss a payment. During the fixed term, you can make additional repayments of up to $20,000 a year.

Commercial Variable Rate Loan

Convenient, simple, and flexible, ING’s Commercial Variable Rate Loan has a competitive variable rate, no ongoing fees, and features like loan redraw and the option to make interest only-payments for the first five years. Keep in mind, the redraw amount has a minimum of $10,000. You can set up direct debit payments with this online lender.

Commercial Property Finance

For loans over $3 million, ING has a separate commercial loan. You can use the funding for financing traditional investments and real estate, to make progress payments for development projects, or for term loans. Choose between a fixed or variable rate, or split your loan. This loan has a maximum loan term of five years.

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