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Comparing Life Insurance Policies

The right insurance policy needs to match your lifestyle, provide your family with adequate cover, and it needs to be affordable. Typically, cover options that you will encounter are as follows:

  • Single and Joint Cover: Single cover protects an individual, and joint cover protects a couple. A joint policy will, in most cases, pay out only on the first person who passes away, not on both.
  • Level Term Life Insurance: This is a set amount of cover, which is paid out as a lump sum should the holder of the policy pass away during a fixed-term.
  • Mortgage Protection and Decreasing Term Insurance: Typically covers the cost of a mortgage and will decrease in value each year, along with the mortgage commitment.

There are many other types of life insurance policies on offer which vary from insurer to insurer. Speak to an insurance expert today to compare companies and policies to find the right one for you.

Avoid Excuses

The majority of Australians are underinsured, without enough cover to pay out their existing debts in the event of their death. When considering whether you need life insurance, try to avoid the following excuses:

  • I’m single: Whether you’re single or have your own family, if you’re old enough to incur personal debt you should have life insurance that covers these in the event of your death. Otherwise your family will inherit your debt.
  • I don’t have time: A life insurance policy is quick and easy to organise. When you apply with eChoice an insurance expert will walk you through the entire process, saving you time & hassle.
  • Too expensive: There are a range of life insurance products to suit any situation. Life insurance can add very little expense to your existing financial commitments, and allows your family to pay off any existing debt in the event of your death.
  • I don’t know what cover to buy: eChoice’s life insurance partners offer a cost and obligation free appointment, comparing policies to find you the most suitable cover based on your personal situation.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Appropriate life insurance can at least remove the burden of financial stress at a time of great sadness and worry. In the unfortunate event of your death your insurer will pay a lump sum amount to the owner or the beneficiaries of the policy. As everyone is different, the level of life insurance cover can be tailored to your needs. Many factors need to be considered, but provision at least should be given for;

  • Your mortgage and any other debts
  • An income stream for your family’s living expenses
  • Kids school fees
  • Funeral expenses

Powered by Life Broker

eChoice Insurance is proudly powered by Life Broker, the experts in comparing life insurance products. They compare life insurance policies offered by Australia’s leading insurance companies, to match you to a policy that suits your needs. Life Broker has been in the business for over 10 years, so you can rest assured that an expert will assist you with all the complexities of life insurance with trusted and personalised service.

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Stepped Vs Level Premium A stepped premium starts lower but increases over time and a level premium starts higher but remains the same.