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Information Pack

Welcome to the eChoice Broker Portal

Thank you for making the first step towards choosing eChoice as your Aggregator of choice. Information is power, so eChoice has you covered with everything you need to make the decision to join eChoice.

Our Information Pack is simple and transparent, providing you with all the documents you need, including agreements, and information about our tools and services, all in the one place.

This is your opportunity to be part of a new wave of successful brokers and receive support from an award winning team of the industry’s best! We’ll be in touch with you shortly to explain the next steps and answer your questions.

How to Join

You can start by downloading your application for accreditation, which includes all information required to get you set up with your business entity, accreditations and identity verifications. Please return the application for accreditation form to Broker Support

Application for Accreditation


We believe in complete transparency and ensuring there are no surprises along the way, so we'll tell you everything you need to know about joining eChoice. There are two versions of our Full Member Agreements available below, and they are tailored to the pathway you choose to build your business.

Finance Broker Agreement

Home Loan Manager Agreement

Lender Accreditations

We want to provide you with all the resources to get you set-up and accredited with our 25+ lender panel. If you have never had an accreditation with a lender before, please select New Lender Accreditation. If you are transferring your existing accreditations, please select Transfer Lender Accreditation below.

eChoice Lender Panel

New Lender Accreditation

Transfer Lender Accreditation


We are committed to maximising your bottom line, and we have built relationships with 25+ lenders to provide you with options. You can download our Commissions Schedule to see the rates of your upfront and trail commission as well as other related information.

Commission Schedule

Commission Calendar

Lender Payment Frequencies

Lender Reference Guide

FLeaTS CRM Platform

A driving force for eChoice is our unique IT and CRM platform FLeaTS (Fulfilment Lead Tracking System). This state-of-the-art system is one of the most dynamic and broker-intuitive in Australia. FLeaTS is available online and across all devices, including mobile and tablet. Developed in-house by our dedicated team, FLeaTS allows brokers to be mobile and responsive to needs of their clients. Follow the link below to find out more about FLeaTS, and to learn the features and innovations that are available to you.

FLeaTS Online

Broker Academy

Start your career in the broking industry, and develop a successful career with our structured Broker Academy program. Receive award-winning training, commencing with five intensive days of face-to-face workshops. You will be introduced to lenders, brokers, and staff that are experts in their fields while developing skills in systems and processes.

Broker Academy

Certificate IV Enrolment Form

Broker Tools & Services

eChoice is a business enabler, investing in industry-leading broker tools and resources to deliver what we believe is the best offering in the industry. Our core aim is to help our brokers operate efficiently as well as ensure you maximise your profitability through the opportunities available. Find out more about our diversified proposition and support services below.



Concierge Program

Leads Program

Meet the Team

As each business is different, we believe that each enquiry is best answered personally by our team. You will have access to a Broker Support team in your state, so you can count on personalised and dependable support from eChoice.