Kevin Zhuo Testimonials

My success stories

When I bought my first house, Kevin guided me through the entire process. He did not only just ensure a smooth loan application process, but also gave me some practical and valuable information in terms of selecting a property which was suitable to me, and worked together with my solicitor. If you don’t have much experience in buying a property, I would highly recommend Kevin.

Jenny, Glen Waverly, VIC

Kevin helped us to restructure our loan. With a small change he made in our loan restructure, it saved us quite a lot and now with the money saved, we just bought a car we have dreamed for a long time. Thank you Kevin!

Tony & Rita, Box Hill, VIC

If you want a broker who cares about you, and has the ability to provide you with the right service, then I will highly recommend Kevin Zhuo. We bought our first house 6 months ago, and at the time, we knew very little about home mortgage. It was Kevin who held our hands and walked us through the entire process. His professional attitude and knowledge definitely calmed our nerve down. Thank you Kevin.

Cindy & John, South Yarra, VIC

I found Kevin is very trustworthy and had a great attention to details. Highly recommended if you want a quality broker.

Lee, Perth, WA

Kevin is very knowledgeable about the products and very experienced. He helped us figured out our situation pretty quickly and made a decision now we feel so thankful for. No wonder why he had such positive feedbacks from others.

Liu, Blackburn, VIC