Kathryn Lee - 24 Jan, 2019

The 10 best IKEA storage finds for your home

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Whether you’re planning on updating your interior style or searching for smart-designed pieces to make your home more functional, these nifty items have you covered.

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1.The day-bed with drawers

The Hemnes isn’t just your average piece of furniture. This sofa leads a double life as a single bed, double bed and storage unit. For those of us dealing with space issues, the Hemnes is an ideal way to utilise a smaller room. Best of all? The three drawers can be used as a secret snack stash for those lazy weekend Netflix binges. 

2. The ultimate protector

If you’ve been looking for wardrobe pieces to help you inch closer toward a celebrity-inspired closet, why not take a look at products that keep your stylish threads in top condition? The Skubb black clothing cover comes in a set of three and protects your clothes from dust, bugs and general wear and tear.

3. The chair that grows with you

OK it’s not quite as creepy as it sounds – in fact, it’s not creepy at all. For parents in need of an ergonomic junior desk chair for their little ones, the Vimund is an ideal purchase because of the adjustable seat depth and height, as well as a flexible backrest.

4. The sacred vessel

Is there anything more important than protecting our mobile phones? Of course there is, but in the meantime, the Bergenes comes in a close second. This portable item is a placeholder for your phone or tablet and comes with two differently-sized slots each lined with protective felt.

5. The grey trey

Stackable and easy-to-access, the Raggisar lets you organise and keep all your jewellery in one place. The pressed felt means your precious items are protected from hard surfaces, but let’s face it, the biggest drawcard here is feeling like you’ve got your own private jewellery store in your bedroom.

6. The final word on TV storage

This is your one-stop-shop for all things media and multimedia. With space for your television, Apple TV, Foxtel box, DVDs, vinyl records, CDs and yes, even VHS tapes, the Besta ensures everything you’ve ever wanted to watch or listen to can now live in one spot. You can even choose from a ready-made combination or create one of your own.

7. Keep it cosy

The lightweight Vitmossa fleece blanket feels great and can also be machine washed. Instead of simply using it on the couch, why not grab one for the car during winter, or even one to take with you on your next flight? When you can nab a super comfy throw for under $5 the possibilities are endless.

8. The DIY dream

This whiteboard isn’t just cool to look at – it’s functional too. The Skadis helps you get organised, stay organised and keeps all your daily-used items in the one space. All the accessories are easy to fit and can be moved wherever you like so you’ll never get bored.

9. The hideaway

We’re all guilty of stashing things under our bed but there’s one, big problem with this flawed storage method: dust. The Skubb storage case can be tucked into your wardrobe or under your bed but also keeps your items dust and dirt free. If you’re after something brighter in colour, the Römskog also hits the mark.

10. The kids’ corner

If there’s one thing most kids aren’t – it’s tidy and organised. The Trofast makes it easy to keep toys, trinkets and gadgets in one spot, but still in individual areas. A durable wooden frame mixed with easy-to-slide plastic boxes and a low storage height means this item has the endurance to survive playtime – even if you don’t.

Words by Alana Wulff. Lead image credit: IKEA.

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