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10 popular window styles

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The style of the windows in someone’s home may not be something that is thought about as often as other design features, but it is just as important. Not only do windows add some personality to your home, but they also allow protection from the elements. They are also one of the features of your home that need to suit both the interior and exterior style that you choose. 

Each window style has a different purpose so choosing the right style depends on more than just its look. So set aside your window treatment options and check out this range of popular window styles to consider and why they could be perfect for your home.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows usually have two vertically arranged panels, which can be moved up and down. With both top and bottom panes having the ability to slide open with ease, you will be able to ventilate your home as you have the power to control the airflow. They have also been around for a long time, being commonly found in several bungalows, Victorians and Colonials, and can therefore provide a traditional look. This style of window is made widely by a variety of manufactures so there is a huge variety to choose from. The vertical tracks are also extremely practical as they avoid dirt or dust from piling up inside them.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-Hung Windows also have two vertically arranged panels, however, the top panel stays fixed while the bottom panel opens if you would like to let some air in. With a matching traditional look, they could be a great alternative to double-hung windows if you would like to save some money. They can also save space if it is limited. They are secured with a single lock, which you are less likely to forget when locking up your home. Their basic designs have a single moving sash, which means you can get more creative with style, material, trim, shape, and finishing options.

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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can be easily opened if you need to let some fresh air into the room. They can also be securely locked for tight security, while easily allowing flyscreens to fit against them for further security and to keep pests out of your home as you let some air in. Great for bedrooms and bathrooms, they can lend themselves to more minimal or modern interior designs due to their clean lines. These windows are low maintenance with less moving parts than some other windows and are also cost effective if you are looking to save some costs.

Casement windows

Hinged on one side ready to swing outwards when opened, casement windows allow you to swing them open with ease when you need some fresh air. Casement windows may feature a sash or two within a single window frame. If space isn’t an issue, you can add two together for a French-door effect. To stay on trend in 2021, you could have a round casement window in your bathroom or bedroom.

Awning windows

Another classic style of window is the awning window. Hinged at the top allowing it to open outwards, the awning window is sometimes known as the gas strut window. The full perimeter pressure seal allows benefits including external noise reduction, protection against high wind locations and better insulation. They can also be arranged in a variety of different ways, such as lined up side-by-side or in a stack on top of each other.

Fixed windows

While they cannot be opened, the main purpose of fixed windows is to bring more natural light into your home. Many room designs benefit from having as much natural light as possible, so although it is not adequate if you’re looking for ventilation, it could be the style you need to brighten up a space and make it feel more open. Their simplicity lends itself to windows with more usual designs, such as a window that wraps around a corner of your home. These windows can be large, providing beautiful views if your location has them.

Bi-Fold windows

Bi-Fold windows may be a bit pricey, but they do their job to create a link between the outdoors and the indoors. Best used in the kitchen leading to an outdoor entertainment deck or in a living room framing a window seat, it can be a functional addition to a room that may also benefit from being well-ventilated, especially if it is part of an open floor plan home. Since it opens to twice the width of a standard sliding window, one of the bi-fold window’s biggest upsides is that it provides panoramic views of the great outdoors.

Bow or Bay Windows

Bow or bay windows can add some cool dimensions to the outside of your home. Both styles consist of a unit of windows extending outward on the exterior of your house, but have key differences. The bay style refers to a more square shaped unit, while the bow style has a curved shape. They typically have a fixed window in the centre with either double-hung or casement windows on either side. They may funnel additional natural light into your home and make a room seem larger due to its shape. A great design idea is adding a window seat against your bow or bay windows so you can enjoy the view while you relax.

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Louvre Windows

If you like the classic venetian style but you don’t want blinds or you’d like a more modern update, you can give louvre windows a go. The horizontal glass blades open in a venetian style if you would like to let some fresh air in. They can also be locked in place to protect your home against unwanted visitors or insects. The blades can be controlled by a lever or, in the case of more modern styles, via wall switch or app. For those who are energy conscious, louvre windows can be a great alternative to exhaust fans in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home that may require air conditioning.

Glass Block Windows

Fixed windows made with architectural glass blocks are typically known as glass block windows. The blocks are thick and made with semi-opaque glass, so as not to prevent light from passing through while obstructing your ability to peek in or out. They are usually perfect for bathroom windows, where the lack of visibility is intentional for privacy. They are also great for security since the heavy blocks are fixed and mortared in place. If needed ventilating units can be built into these windows and they already have great insulating properties. Their durability means that they almost never need to be replaced over time. 


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