Jessica Testa - 17 Nov, 2020

12 Pet-Friendly Home Design Tips For Every Home

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When we renovate our homes, we try to make them as comfortable as possible for all who live there. Why shouldn’t this idea extend to our furry, feathered or scaly family members as well?

We love our pets and want to make sure they feel like they are part of the family and feel comfortable in our home. Just like when a new child comes along, it may be necessary to make some changes when you get a new pet or move into a new home with your pet.

The renovation planning process involves thinking about the ways we can make our homes more liveable for each of its inhabitants. Considering the needs and wants of our cats, dogs and everything in between, while doing this can be surprisingly easy.

Here are a few tips for all the pet owners out there:

1. Decorate your home with pet-friendly room accessories

If you have pets that live inside there is a good chance that if you have a breakable knick-knack sitting somewhere in your home, it will be broken at some point. A great way to try and avoid this is to fill your home with pet-friendly room accessories that won’t be damaged if they are knocked over or cause harm to your pet. This means you would want to avoid anything made out of glass, as well as expensive rugs.

2. Get some ‘pet furniture’

Personalising your home is not just limited to the paint on the walls or the knick-knacks on the shelves. Making sure you have the right furniture that matches the lifestyle you have and the kind of family you are living with is essential. Pet owners may want to look into getting some pet-friendly accessories, such as a cat tree or a cute dog bed, that not only performs its function, but also matches the aesthetic of the rest of the house.

cats playing on cat tree

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3. Buy a good quality sofa

When you decide to get a pet, the first thing you may need to sacrifice are your dreams of an expensive couch. Whether you like it or not, your pet will jump onto the couch and therefore it will need to withstand any damage from scratches and will need to be easy to clean. Good quality sofas to look into will need to be genuine leather in order to take the little disasters that your pet may bring.

4. Think about getting low maintenance, slip resistant flooring

One of the benefits of owning your own home is being able to renovate it in any way you desire. One way to do this if you are looking to pet-proof your home is swapping any carpets or slippery tiles for something that will incur the least amount of unintended damage. Some of these include carpet, vinyl tile or plank flooring and laminate flooring.

5. Create a mini bathroom for your pet

Pets love to get grubby as they play, so having a space just for them to get cleaned up might be a great addition to your home. Rather than having to bring all of their stuff into your nice, clean bathroom and trying to clean them in your bathtub, find a space in your laundry and build a bathtub in their size and include some steps for them to climb up and down themselves. You can keep all of their towels, soap and shampoo in there so it’s all ready when you need it.

6. Install in a pet-friendly entrance

You want our family and guests to feel welcome when they come into your home. Your pets should be no different. Setting up an entrance just for them is a nice way to allow them to enter and exit your home with ease. You may choose to get creative with the design or even add a little doormat just for them.

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7. Think about your pets’ daily routine and what they like to do

What does your pet like to do during the day? When do they prefer to eat their meals or sleep? These are all things you may want to consider when you are setting up your pet-friendly spaces in your home. You may want to make sure their sleeping area is constantly accessible, especially when you are not home, and that they are able to reach all their toys easily.

8. Create a special areas for your pets to hang out in

You don’t have to make your whole home centred around your pet, but it may be nice for them to have a little space that’s just for them. Whether you are able to create a small area in a corner of a large room or even dedicate a whole room to them, this will allow your pet to have their own place to call home within your home. Plus, this can be where you store all their toys, treats and care products so they can be easily found when they are needed.

9. Make sure you have adequate fencing and outdoor space

Even if your pet doesn’t live outside, having adequate fencing and an outdoor space that is suitable for a pet is essential. They need to spend some time outside so ensure that they cannot get into harm’s way and that they have the space to run around and play could help to make sure they are safe and happy.

dog playing fetch outside

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10. Give them a comfortable sleeping space

Although they may want to sit with you on your bed, your pet needs their own little spot for them to sleep in. This starts with a comfortable bed in a spot that is easily accessible throughout the day and that is just the right size for them. If it’s a bit chilling where you live, you may want to include some extra blankets and pillows to keep them warm as they drift off to dreamland.

11. Install a large window

As we know during these strange times, being inside four walls for long periods of time can be difficult. It can be the same for pets who live indoors. Having a large window where they can sit and look at the goings-on of the outside world could help keep them sane. You can include a cushioned seat under the window for them to sit comfortably on as they people-watch peacefully.

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12. DIY your own storage

It may be difficult to find the appropriate storage facilities for your pets snacks, toys and other accessories, so it may be a good idea for you to start a little DIY project and create your own. Think about the items you need to store and what you want it to look like. This will also give you a chance to personalise it to match the aesthetic of your home’s internal design to prevent it from clashing.

Are you inspired to renovate your home? Check out our guide so you can work out your game plan before you begin.

Words by Jessica Testa


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