Jessica Testa - 18 Mar, 2021

15 Best Laundry Room Ideas To Make A Small Space Functional

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When you think about making your home more functional, the space that you may be overlooking is your laundry room. It is important, especially right now, to keep our homes neat and clean in order to limit the spread of germs and disease. Making the most of the limited space we have in our laundry rooms could be helpful in keeping this area spick and span at all times.

Here are 15 ideas to help you make your laundry room a more functional space, no matter the size:

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Incorporating a mudroom

If your laundry is in the right location, you could renovate it to serve as a secondary entrance, or a mudroom. To avoid messing up your main entrance area, you and your guests can use this to remove any shoes, boots, coats or jackets and store any umbrellas or bags prior to entering the house. This could also be the perfect place to install a pet-friendly entrance so your furry friends can feel welcome and enter and exit your home as they please.

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Creating a multi-purpose laundry room

Your laundry room doesn’t have to just be the place where you wash your clothes. If you are able to get your hands on a multi-purpose laundry room island complete with an ironing board and storage, you can finish your laundry without having to set everything up in another room. You can also add your hamper in this area so the dirty clothes are close by when your ready to start.

Implementing smart storage

Speaking of storage, implementing a variety of storage options can allow you to store many different items in a streamlined way. This may include a vertical sliding organiser, open shelves or behind the door shelves. In addition to storing your laundry accessories, this can also be home to other cleaning supplies, linen and towels.

Giving it a white design

The clean and neat aesthetic of the laundry room may be elevated by a crisp white design. This can be done through the paint on the walls, as well as any furniture and the washing machine and dryer. Additionally, white is the perfect colour scheme for a smaller laundry room as it may create an illusion of extra space.

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Investing in a fold-up ironing board cabinet

Your ironing board could be taking up more room than it should, so why not find a more efficient way to store it when it is not being used? Investing in a fold-up ironing board cabinet may be a good call because you can store the long, heavy board in a safe and secluded way. It’s time to do the ironing, you can just flip it out without having to move anywhere else, close to all the things you need to finish the job.

Adding shower

This might sound like a strange idea, but if you live in a small apartment or unit, it could make more sense. Having a shower and laundry combo could help you cut down on space while creating a streamlined home design that will allow you to have everything you need in one place. For those of homeowners or renters that have a pool, having a shower in the laundry room will prevent you and your guests from making wet paddles as you walk through the house to clean yourself after a swim.

Installing drying rack

If you’re tired of having to figure out how to dry your laundry when it’s raining or on those heavy basket days, installing an indoor drying rack by the window may help you out. This small rack could be great for drying your socks or lingerie or even baby’s clothes if you are running low.

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Creating laundry nook

If you are unable to dedicate a whole room to your laundry, you can instead create a laundry nook in a bigger room. By installing your washer and dryer inside a doorless closet alongside some shelves, you can store everything you need in one small area and save the limited space you have in your home.

Renovating space to include laundry closet with sliding doors

If you would rather seduce your laundry altogether, you can take the idea of putting your washer and dryer inside a closet and install a bigger closet to house your whole laundry with sliding doors to hide it. This will give your home a more minimalist look while allowing you a way to keep everything in one compact place.

Keeping ironing board between your washer and dryer

If installing your ironing board into a closet isn’t an option, storing it between your washer and dryer when you are not using it is still a great tactic to keep it out of the way. Having this small space between your machines doesn’t mean it can’t be utilised. Alternatively, it could be a great place for a small step ladder. 

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Installing more counter space above washer and dryer

If you want to make folding your laundry easier, installing some extra counter space might be a great idea. Doing this above your washer and dryer if possible would allow you to save yourself from wasting space. You can easily find a style to match the rest of your laundry decor.

Adding a pegboard wall

People who tend to lose things easily, this is a good one for you. Installing a small pegboard wall for the different bits and pieces, such as your lint roller, scissors, cleaning brushes and even your broom, could be a neat and tidy way to store all of these items in an easy-to-reach location.

Keeping lint bin on the wall

Lint is a soft fleecy material that is often found on some clothing, such as linen or cotton. To make it easier for you to dispose of this lint as you are doing your laundry, you can create your own little lint bin and mount it to your wall beside your dryer. This may be a great little DIY project to do on a weekend or if you have some spare time on your lunch break at home.

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Installing three bag hamper

To help you save time sorting out your laundry before doing a load, a three bag hamper could be a great addition to your laundry room. Whether it is to separate your darks, lights and coloured clothing or have one bag dedicated to wool and delicate clothing, this hamper could help you get your washing properly and as soon as possible. There are plenty of stylish hampers to choose from, depending on the aesthetic of the room. 

Labelling Everything

Clearly labelling the storage spaces you have in your laundry room could help you keep track of where each item is while ensuring everything has a place. This can work for jars of detergent or the many cupboards and drawers that house your cleaning supplies. You can easily get some cheap labels from Kmart before you start giving all of your laundry accessories a place to call their own.

Words by Jessica Testa


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