Nell Matzen - 3 Jun, 2021

20 steel-frame door ideas for you

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Steel-frame doors add an industrial touch to any home but can work with a plethora of design styles. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also low maintenance, strong, and have slim sightlines – offering a seamless transition between different rooms and indoors and out.

If you’re looking to update your home with a beautiful steel-frame door, take inspiration from our list of 20 styles and designs.


These paired back steel-framed doors fit perfectly in the ultra-modern surrounds. The minimal lines create an almost seamless marriage between the indoor and outdoor spaces whilst still giving a subtle nod to industrial design. Pairing the steel-framed doors with matching skylights ties the whole look together, in addition to maximising the house’s slim floor plan.

French doors

A modern twist on the classic French doors, these steel options provide an interesting alternative for separating a bedroom and ensuite. The grid nature of the steel frames, plus the double-door design, are classic in style but still give a modern, industrial look. The design allows the bathroom’s stunning light to filter into the bedroom whilst still providing a sense of separation and privacy.

Paired-back Industrial

These steel-frame doors are used as they were intended: with a paired-back industrial aesthetic. The doors thick steel lines are reminiscent of a factory floor, which is only emphasised by the oversized steel light fighting and timber and steel furniture. The industrial aesthetic is stunningly extended to the roof with steel-framed skylights, overall creating a light, bright room despite the dark and rich accents used throughout.

Grand entrance

Another industrial take on a class shape, this design modernises the 1920’s door shape with a steel-frame twist. Instead of the traditional arch door frame and solid timber door, the rectangle frame and glass bring this entrance into the 21st century. The look is carried on throughout the entrance with sliding steel-frame doors into an adjoining room, giving a touch of edge to the understated design of the home.

Hallway with a difference

Redefined spaces and clever planning lead to this lively hallway. The design allows for a sense of division between the living room and the entrance, whilst they still flow together as one space. Practically, it’s a way to heat and cool separate parts of the house without it feeling like a rabbit warren. The industrial steel frame playfully contrasts against the home’s classic features, like the ornate fireplace and traditional staircase.

Clever bi-folds

Steel-frame bi-folds cleverly open up what would have been a pokey back entrance. This tiny room can be instantly double by opening the doors all the way up but still allows for a sense of space even when they’re closed. The similar doors leading to the other section of the home makes this extension feel like it was always there instead of an afterthought. The look is complete with exposed brick and a modern industrial light fitting.


These classic industrial steel-frame doors complete this ultra-industrial design. From the light fittings to the worn rendered walls, the steel-frame, arched doorways and matching windows make this once genuine industrial space sing. The stark, streamlined design of the doors bring an elevated feel to a room with several original elements, allowing it to be a modern, liveable space.

Playful angles

The interesting angles of this steel-frame door marry perfectly with the eclectic design choices inside. A hidden door track is a thoughtful touch, making the indoors and outdoors appear as one whenever the double doors are open. Even with the lack of décor colour, the light coming through the steel-frame doors allow the space to remain bright and cheery.

Old and new

There is a beautiful marriage of old and new inside this historic home. The clever mixing of a classic arch doorway and a modern design brings old and new worlds colliding. Adding classic décor with a modern twist – a shaggy chandelier and quirky hall table – helps bring this home into the 21st century.

Windows to the waterway

These thin steel frame doors are a perfect choice to frame these spectacular water views, making the living room feel like an extension of the beautiful surroundings. The selection of the steel frames, instead of uninterrupted glass, emphasise the modern features of the home, with minimal disruption to the sprawling views. Polished concrete floors and mid-century modern furniture complete the look.

Modern Hacienda

Replacing the traditional doors of this home with steel-frame versions is a clever way to create a modern hacienda and tie it to the ultra-modern extensions. The doors still have an old-school flair, designed in a classic arch shape. The minimal outdoor décor choices let the house’s quirky features and dramatic doors take centre stage.

Steel elegance

The elegance of this eclectic home with European influences is extenuated by the simple design of the steel-frame doors. Lush greenery peering through from the patio livens up the predominantly black and white colour palette of the interior décor and balances the ultra-modern furniture and fixtures.

Industrial meets plantation

Expansive steel-frame doors modernise this plantation-style patio. The indoor and outdoor spaces are connected by the massive sliding doors, creating an entertainer’s dream with the outdoor kitchen. The modern touches are carried through to the black kitchen cupboards and stainless appliances, and rangehood.


This secret garden can be used all year round thanks to its steel-frame doors and roof. The glass roof allows the sun to pour in, creating a weatherproof garden oasis complete with seasonal foliage. Against the stark concrete floors and industrial steel-frame doors, the garden acts as an evolving piece of décor.

Dramatic entrance

The interesting grid design of these steel-frame doors creates a dramatic entranceway to this New York townhouse. Making fantastic use of every inch of space, the height of the door emphasises the high ceilings whilst allowing light to fill the kitchen.

Sky views

Wall-length bi-fold doors topped with ceiling scraping windows give the illusion that these extravagant steel-frame doors stretch on for miles. The double-story windows offer views of trees and sky, whilst the bi-folds makes the two spaces appear as one.

Rustic modern

Steel-frame doors give a modern industrial touch to this rustic hotel. The marriage of the two design styles seems strange in theory but works in practice. The ceiling-high steel-frame doors are juxtaposed by a thatched roof, stone wall and rustic wooden furniture.

Door/bi-fold combination

The combination of these two styles of doors allows for an extremely functional outdoor space. The bi-folds can be flung open during the warmer months and closed when the weather cools.

Modern courtyard

Steel-frame doors create an inviting closed in patio whilst harnessing the natural light. The industrial design is softened by the calming green of the courtyard wall and natural timber decking. And steel slats that surround the courtyard allow for privacy and greenery to peak through.


This Scandinavian style house got an industrial makeover with grand steel-frame doors. The wall-length doors frame the kitchen and living room and allow light to stream in. The black steel compliments the relaxing blue and white colour palette and is carried throughout the home with a sliding door and windows in the raked ceilings.

Words by Nell Matzen

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