Jessica Testa - 2 Jul, 2021

20 tips for creating cosy winter-ready living rooms

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As the months go on and the weather grows colder and colder, we search for ways to keep warm and stay cosy at home. This sounds like a great excuse to redesign your home, or at least your living room where you may spend a lot of your time while you warm up, to suit the season.

Here are some of the small changes you can try to create a winter-ready living room:

Replace silk curtains with weather-appropriate window treatments

As lovely as they may look, your silk curtains are not suitable to protect you from the cooler weather. Instead, you can replace them with some layered or insulated curtains or roller blinds to keep the warmth of your home inside.

Switch to a warmer colour palette

If you are in need of a fresh coat of paint anyway, switching to a warmer colour palette could be a great option to warm up your home. If you don’t want to go that far, stick to these warmer hues in your winter decor while retaining your neutral coloured walls that can be decorated depending on the season. Some of these warmer colours include terracotta, olive green and dusty pinks.

Introduce some plaid accessories

Plaid accents can be introduced to create a calm and inviting atmosphere. This can be done through blankets and runners, table centrepieces, table linens and even pet beds. Plaid can come in a variety of colours, so you can find the perfect colour combination to match the rest of your design.

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Add in some metallic accents

Integrating metallic accents into your design can not only make cooler spaces more warm and cozy, but also make your home feel more expensive and luxurious. For example, copper and brass can be introduced via coffee tables or floor lamps.

Combine some vintage pieces with your modern look

Contrasting vintage pieces with more modern pieces can create a nice balance between the two styles and cosy up your home instantly. The curves and textures of the vintage pieces work well with sleek modern designs, combining the rustic feel of old furniture and polished modern overarching design.

Add a rug to hardwood floors

Adding a warm rug to a hardwood floor allows you to give your feet a softer, more winter-friendly place to walk on. Consider placing a large sheepskin rug in the middle of the room with natural fibres that could provide insulation for the otherwise chilly room.

Cover your living room in carpet

Instead of just focusing on one area of the space with a rug, consider getting rid of the hardwood floors altogether and line your living room in nice, warm carpet. There will be no need for socks as you will be free to walk about the space without the fear of getting cold feet.

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Install a heater

If your home tends to get more chilly than you’d appreciate and stacking blankets over you isn’t enough, investing in a heater may be the solution you need. You can get an air conditioner that moves from cold to warm with a flick of a switch so you can use it all year round. While you might be more inclined to add a fire pit outside for outdoor entertaining, having a warm, crackling fireplace in your living room could be the way to make your home just as toasty.

Consider a styling with a non-functional fireplace

If you don’t want the concern about having a fire hazard in your home, but you still like the look of the stacked firewood decor, you can install a non-functional fireplace. Despite it not actually creating physical warmth, it could still be a great focal point of your entertainment space.

Stock up on blankets

The goal is to make the room look and feel as comfy as possible, so you’ll need to make sure you have blankets to spare. You can have multiple colours, sizes and thicknesses to suit everyone who enters your home, no matter the weather outside.

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Think about styling with texture

When styling for the winter months, texture and layers should be at the front of mind. Layering furniture pieces with softer items is a simple way to add texture to your living room. For example, adding quilted runners to your tables and bookcase can achieve this nicely.

Light up your space

The type of lighting that you choose could also impact the warmth and cosiness of your living space. Light some candles and hang some lanterns and fairy lights to create a subtle warm glow within your living room as you sit back on the couch with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn.

Incorporate some greenery

Bringing plants into your home could not only help to add some layers and texture to your space, but also create a rustic look, including pinecone centrepieces, to suit the winter weather. Some other great natural elements that you could use to decorate your home may include clippings of cold-friendly plants, such as holly, blue spruce, or pansies. Building a terrarium could be a great creative DIY idea that could keep you busy and out of the cold.

Maximise your limited natural light

There is less natural light during the winter months so maximising the limited light that you have should be the priority. One way to do this is to hang a large mirror on one of the blank walls of your living room.

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Cover your dining table chairs

If you have your dining space within your living area, your wooden chairs might need something to make them more cosy. In addition to adding some softer cushions to the seats, you can also cover them with slipcovers, so you don’t have to touch the cold wood at all.

Style some empty, unused corners

Empty spaces can make a room seem colder than they are. Style these empty corners of your living room with a small and comfy chair, a side table, a footstool or floor lamp. You can even add all these items together to create a cute reading corner so you can curl up with a book and blanket on a cold night.

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Rearrange your furniture for gatherings

Move your at-home gatherings from outdoors to indoors to keep your guests out of the cold and rearrange the furniture in your living room to suit these gatherings. By clustering your seating closer together around a fireplace and away from the windows, you can create a more warm and inviting environment that will encourage your guests to have conversations with each other.

Go Clutter-free

Clearing your clutter can often help to give you a clearer mind as it makes your home feel more on the cosy side. Cleaning up your clutter with storage solutions that are made from natural materials can help to tame the mess and give you a more minimalist look without making it feel colder. These can include woven baskets, functional furniture and built-in cupboards.

Add some winter fragrances

Introducing some winter fragrances into your home could help to make it seem more warm. This can be achieved through scented candles or diffusers. If there is enough of a direct pathway between your kitchen and living room where the delicious smells of your cooking can waft through, you can bake some cookies to allow the warm, comforting fragrance to move through the living areas of your home.

Prepare the Mudroom

Your mudroom may lead into your living room and is also one of the first places that your guests will see, so ensuring that this area is well-prepared for the winter season is crucial. Stack this area with coat racks and a bench with pillows and a plaid blanket to set off the warm atmosphere as soon as they walk through the door.


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