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10 dreamy bathrooms to inspire your next home reno

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Thinking of redoing your bathroom, but a little overwhelmed by all the design choices which lay ahead? We’ve scoured Pinterest and found the most lust-worthy bathrooms out there to get your design juices flowing.

1. Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo has well and truly made a comeback. From classic monochrome to pink and gold, terrazzo is making its way into bathrooms once more. The fun choice of vibrant blue in this modern bathroom is grounded by the minimalist design choices throughout the rest of the room.

2. The Royal Bathtub

A chandelier in a bathroom? Well, I never! But in this beautiful space, it actually works. The addition of the chandelier turns this room from provincial to Royal. The classic tub, white marble flooring, gold tapware and filigree mirror amounts to a bathroom where the Queen herself would feel at home.

bathroom renovation inspiration

Image credit: Decorpad

3. Think pink

Gold fixtures and sweet pink sinks – this bathroom is chic and playful all at once. The timber vanity and sleek grey marble prevent this room from feeling like it’s straight out of Barbie’s Dream House. Perfect inspiration for those who are a little tongue-in-cheek in their design choices and aren’t afraid to use a lot of colour.

4. You’re so vain

This exquisite vanity has earned the right to be a little vain. Jet black marbled with gold and pearl screams modern opulence – perfectly paired back by an art deco mirror and light fixture. Unfortunately, your toothbrush and bar of soap will have to find a hiding place, as it would be a shame to mar this beauty with their presence.

bathroom renovation inspiration

Image source: Nicole Franzen

5. Take a wash on the wild side

For the shy naturalists among us, this indoor/outdoor shower will allow you to be one with nature within the privacy of your own home. This heavenly shower is complete with lush greenery and floor to wall natural stone. Feel the sun on your face and the pebbles beneath your feet and briefly transport yourself to a simpler time, forgetting about all modern inconveniences.

6. Bold print, bold choice

This Palm Springs-inspired bathroom will have you rethinking the marble-on-marble bathrooms that are in vogue. Subway tiles coupled with candy pink wallpaper is a surprising yet adorable combo – proving that wallpaper and bathrooms can be a match made in heaven. The combination of the out-there print with black grout and modern fixtures has resulted in an eclectic wonderland.

7. Soak it up

Get inspired by this literal piece of art disguised as a bath. You can’t go wrong with a classic white bath – but this remarkable tub turns the bathroom into something truly special. Nestled amongst an array of greenery, the only issue you’ll have with a bath this beautiful will be prying yourself out of it.

8. Let there be light!

For those who don’t have the luxury of an indoor/outdoor shower, this sun-drenched bathroom has cleverly mimicked the look and feel of the great outdoors.

The abundance of light, coupled with lashings of timber and greenery have created an outdoor bathroom minus the drafts.

bathroom renovation inspiration

Image source:

9. Fire and water

This enormous, space-aged bathtub is beautiful on its own – but with the addition of a fireplace, it’s a complete masterpiece. While away those frigid nights chin deep in hot water listening to the sound of a crackling fire. Bathroom bliss!

bathroom renovation inspiration

Image source:

10. Shower power

A shower so big it could moonlight as a spare bedroom? Yes, please. The double showerheads have us daydreaming of family bathtime without having to take turns being left out in the cold. The added bonus of a generous bench seat is a clever touch for shaving legs, deep shower conversation or just having a little rest mid-wash.

Words by Nell Matzen.

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