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Best tips to maximise storage in apartments

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Moving out from a large house with extra space to an apartment with minimal space is often difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as we think. We have created 20 simple and easy-to-use tips that can maximise your storage and living space in an organised and crisp way.

Kitchen Space

The first five tips are to help enhance your kitchen space and to make your cooking and cleaning regime much easier and more efficient.

1. Clear containers

Using transparent containers to store your ingredients will be a life changer if you are the type to buy in bulk or to buy in small amounts. This method is super organised and saves space by not having to rummage through boxes of cereal or bags of sugar. Another great thing about this method, it’s most probably going to save you money! How many times has your sugar bag had a hole and has emptied into your pantry? By using containers or jars it helps maximise space as you can stack and label as well. 

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2. Pull out bins or racks in cabinets or drawers

This is something nifty that most people don’t think of adding. Placing pull out bins or racks in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to keep pots and pans organised, keep smaller sachets items together. It also helps you not having to crawl into your cabinet to find that one pot lid that fell in the back of the shelving.

3. Spice rack over the door pantry

Instead of having your spice rack out in the open on your countertops, put them away behind your pantry door! If your pantry door doesn’t have room for this tip, you can also try hanging it from the side of your fridge if your fridge is in an open space. This hack is great for not only organisation but keeping your spices in a space where it’s not taking up extra room on your countertops or in your cupboards.

4. Back of cabinet doors can hang lids of pots and pans

Sometimes pots and pans take up the most room in a cabinet. If your kitchen cabinets have some depth, you should try adding hooks onto the back of your doors. This will allow you to hang up the lids of the pots and pans. This method is great, because it allows you to stack your pots in the cabinet and gives you more space to add any extra kitchen utensils you might need to hide away.

5. Using a pegboard up on the wall of your kitchen to hang pots, utensils, etc

This is a great idea that has been around for years! Pegboards are mainly used in garages to hang up tools but who is to say we can’t use them in our kitchen? All you need to do is mount up a pegboard, in whatever size you prefer, on a blank wall. Then, use hooks to hang up pots, pans, utensils, small baskets or even measuring tools. This is a great way to clear out your cupboards and have your kitchen tools accessible to you.

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Bathroom Space

The next five tips are for your bathroom. You can use these tips to assist with some of that extra storage you were needing for your toiletry supplies.

6. Adhesive hooks

Adding adhesive hooks on the back of your door, or even on your shower screen can aid with having your towels or robes placed behind the door to save your space inside your cupboards or drawers you usually keep them in. It sounds pretty straight forward, but it is a common tool most of us forget about. Keep your towels accessible by using these hooks, or even hang up your dirty laundry basket so it’s not on the floor or in the way! 

7. Acrylic rises add extra shelf space in medicine cabinets

Using small acrylic rises in your medicine cabinet allows you to basically add another row for supplies! If you have your first aid all shoved away in your medicine cabinet and are afraid that if you open it, it’s going to all coming piling out then this is for you. This is a great hack to create extra storage and keep it organised. It’s also very cost efficient, you can find these acrylic rises boxes in Big W, Target, Priceline or online!

8. Corner spaces shouldn’t be left alone, add corner shelves, or corner tallboy units to store toiletries

This method is great to place extra towels, cleaning supplies, air freshener etc. Corner shelves are most often overlooked, and people don’t tend to use that area to its storage potential. By just adding a few shelves or a tallboy shelving corner unit, you’ve added four to five shelves or extra space!

9. On the other side of the shower screen add a rack where you can place extra supplies

This technique may be for those who have an extensive skincare or shower care routine. Instead of having all your skincare products cluttering up your bathroom vanity sink and cursing every time you knock over your favourite serum and pray it isn’t broken, why not use a rack on the back of your shower screen. Again, extra storage for you to have as many night creams and body scrubs as you want because now you have the room!

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10. Hang a rack in your shower

Instead of having all your shampoo, conditioner and body wash all over the floor of your shower, hang it all up. There are great versatile racks you can use in your shower to take up less room on the floor of your shower and not stumble upon the 4 different conditioners you have left there. If you have a large family and you all use different hair care or body care products, this is probably great for you.

Bedroom Space

The following five tips are aimed to help with your storage in your bedroom. There are quite a few ideas that will help with your day to day life.

11. Drawers under the bed, you can buy bed frames that lift or use storage boxes.

This has been a classic extra storage trick for quite some time, using the space underneath your bed to pack away items you don’t need to access quite often. Now, if you’re still moving into your new apartment or wanting to purchase a new bed frame, I’d highly recommend bed frames that lift up. Bed frames with drawers underneath are still great for you to use for extra clothes, but if your room is smaller than average then maybe your queen size bed frame’s drawers won’t open as well. Here is an example of a lift up bed frame.

12. Flip down vanity table, hidden drawers’ saves space, can use as makeup table and fold the table down

This is something quite crafty actually, by using a multi-functional vanity table that has a lid in the table can usually fit more items than drawers. This is a great place for those makeup lovers who can keep their products organised and dust free by placing them in the vanity table. This also clears up space on the surface of your vanity, where you can add racks to hang your jewellery off from.

13. Utilise space above the door by adding a shelve to keep things you don’t need to reach for up there.

This is a tip that is great to keep items that you don’t tend to reach for hidden up high. By placing a shelf on the space above your door, it allows you to put baskets of extra linen or extra clothes. This is one of the best examples of maximising space that tends to never be used!

14. Place floating shelves above your bed head for extra display space

Floating shelves are another great way to maximise unused space. Particularly the wall above your bed head, it’s usually kept plain or just a few picture frames. Why not add floating shelves to create an open space feel, whilst adding a few items you would like to have easier reach to. Painting the shelves to the same colour of your wall also add a more unison feel.

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15. Hanging clothes just got crafty with S-hooks or utility racks

This is something that should have been told to us a long time ago. Multi hangers are the best way to maximise your hanging space in your closet. You can add more clothing by using less space and it looks super organised. These multi hangers are also great to colour coordinate your clothing, by using one multi-hook for one shade of clothing, helping you pick out your clothes in a more efficient manner. You can find these for a bargain online at eBay, Amazon or Kmart and Target.  

Living room space

The last five tips are going to help you maximise the storage space in your living room. These will allow you to display items or hide objects, whatever you prefer!

16. Multi-functional coffee table with storage lift up lid

Coffee tables are essentials in a living room! Where would we be without coffee tables, and if you are one of those people who constantly use their coffee table and there is clutter all over it, well listen up! Invest in a multi-functional coffee table, there are many types, but the one that will help you is the lift up lid with basically a box of storage. Sometimes, a few drawers won’t be enough, so you can use your coffee table for placing blankets, magazines or even pets’ toys in there!

17. Baskets

Woven baskets are all the range now, and they not only provide extra storage, but they do so in a very stylish manner. You can leave the baskets in the corner of your room, or beside your couch, or you can even place them in unit shelving if there is space! This is a great way to organise and tidy up your living room too. If you use it for your children’s favourite toys, all you got to do it run around and place them all in the basket and put that away!

18. Corner shelves are great here too

We’ve gone through corner shelves already, but in a living room you can style them in many ways. In a living room you tend to have a larger corner where you can place your corner shelves in different placements to create different levels or dimensions to the objects you wish to place. It looks organised and in unison.

19. Box unit shelves are great decor and great storage too

Where space is an issue, getting as much furniture as possible, up off the floor will give your living room the illusion of a bigger space. A great way to do this is by using wall-mounted box shelves. These are deep enough to store a whole range of items and will create a modern living room feel. They could be mounted on the wall or even used on the floor; I would recommend stacking a couple, so you aren’t tripping over.

20. Hallway storage, benches with storage boxes

Hallway storage is often neglected because they are usually narrow, so tricky to furnish, but with clever storage furniture and shelving units, even a small hallway can fit a lot of stuff. Storage benches are our favourite type of storage for hallways – not only are they practical for stashing everything from shoes and bags to coats and the dog’s lead, but they also up the comfort factor by providing seating (perfect for putting on those shoes).

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Words by Ece Demir

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