Jessica Testa - 19 Apr, 2021

Designing a Hamptons style kitchen

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When the style of your space comes together well, it can give it a particular atmosphere. If your goal is to invoke elegance, sophistication, functionality, and comfort, the features of a Hamptons style kitchen may be the best thing to influence your design decision.

The Hamptons kitchen relies on the details of its styling to give the space its signature look and feel. Here are some tips to create your own Hamptons style kitchen.

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White should be your main colour scheme

Carrying the crisp and clean look of a coastal Hamptons home, using white as the base colour for your Hamptons kitchen is crucial. From the walls and ceiling to the cabinets and drawers, having the features of your Hamptons in this light shade could open up your space while maintaining a simple and classic design.

You don’t need to stick to one shade of white to execute the sleek design. Other neutral colours, such as ivory, will do the job while accent colours like light blue, navy or grey may help to balance out the colours. 

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Set up your kitchen island with a breakfast bar

A kitchen island is another important aspect of the Hamptons kitchen. Giving the room an eye-catching focal point and a nice place to entertain, a kitchen island is necessary to add to the functionality of a typical Hamptons style kitchen.

In contrast to the mostly white palette of the rest of the room, giving your kitchen island a flattering feature colour will allow it to pop without breaking the calm atmosphere of the coastal style.

Complete with bar stools, a breakfast bar creates a nice space for intimate entertainment while allowing the opportunity to add some texture to the area through stools made out of wood with a comfortable cushion for a seat.

Lay down dark timber floors

With the brightness of the walls and furniture, having a contrasting dark timber floor could balance out the space. The dark tones of the timber, from chocolate brown to black, may help you create a grounded space within your kitchen. This is particularly important if your kitchen is part of an open plan home.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a way to integrate some texture into your space, a polished concrete floor could be a better choice. This could provide an update to the typical Hamptons style kitchen, giving it a more modern look.

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Stick to marble-style for your benchtops

In tandem with your timber floors, a modern marble benchtop is a great way to utilise natural materials, which are an important feature of the Hampton style. Using these natural materials could give the kitchen a certain amount of warmth, which is an essential comfortable feeling that you may feel when you are at home. If marble isn’t your thing, light-coloured stone can be a great alternative.

Working well with the light coloured cabinetry, this marble-look may also extend into the splashback. You’d want to use neutral coloured tiles, that are more clean looking than those with busy patterns to prevent it from taking away from the natural detail of your kitchen, for your splashback. This is why marble is a great option. 

Ensure the space is well-ventilated

Another key aspect of the Hamptons style kitchen is good ventilation. This allows both light and air to circulate freely around the space, making it feel fresh, comfortable and relaxing. This also helps to encourage the elegant nature of the Hamptons style.

There are plenty of features of the Hamptons style that encourage ventilation including big windows, bi-fold doors and open spaces. Allowing as much natural light as possible into the space can bounce well off the white walls, making the space look bright and airy.

Have framed shaker style cabinets within your reach

Having enough functional storage is the key to having, and maintaining, an organised pantry. This is helpful so you don’t have to waste time reorganising. Having ample storage is also an important part of the Hamptons style kitchen. In addition to wall cabinets reaching high towards the ceiling, your kitchen island can also become even more functional with some added cabinets down below.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry could be a reality for a Hamptons style kitchen with its high ceilings. A common colour for these cabinets is white, however, if you are after a pop of colour, black cabinets can contrast well with the white walls and timber floor. Another option could be big glass cabinets, which not only add to the elegant look but allows you to see inside more easily.

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Line your kitchen with ceramic or subway tile splashbacks

As mentioned previously, your splashback tiles should be free from crazy patterns and have a more simple look. Choosing light colours, such as white, ivory, grey, or even blue-green, allows the room to remain bright and well-ventilated. Ceramic or herringbone tiles should be your go-to in order to get the job done right. Coming in a variety of colours and shapes, they don’t have to be too boring as the simple tiles can allow you to create a tasteful pattern with your design.

If you’re looking for an alternative to tiles, a brick feature splashback could be a great way to create a more modern look and a less predictable design. In contrast to the white tile, a dark brick could be used to execute a cool design, working in tandem with other dark accents around the room.

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Have the right lighting

The brightness of the room is a signature aspect of the Hamptons style. This is why having adequate lighting is essential. Installing oversized pendant lights in the centre of the room, over your kitchen island, will not only light up the room but reinforce the elegance of the Hamptons style and give it a fresh look. Lantern lights will also work well.

High ceilings are key

If you are able to have a high ceiling in your kitchen with the overall design of your home, this can lend itself quite well to the design of the Hamptons style kitchen. It makes the room look more open and helps with ventilation.

Other features of the Hamptons style that go along well with this high ceiling include exposed beams, timber sarking along the walls and ceiling and pale colours. A pitched design can be a great architectural decision for your kitchen if possible.

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Don’t be afraid to include some cool coastal memorabilia

You can bring a little bit of fun into your Hamptons style kitchen by integrating some cool coastal memorabilia. If you are not afraid to be bold and give this a go, popping a vintage surfboard, or some old fishing or diving equipment, on the wall could be the dash of personality that your kitchen needs to make it feel more like home.

Words by Jessica Testa


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