Nell Matzen - 3 May, 2019

Quick fixes to freshen up your kitchen on a budget

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Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, but it’s also the room where your design style speaks the loudest. With endless possibilities for fixtures, finishes, textures and colours, the kitchen is where you can make your chosen aesthetic really sing.

Whether you’re trying to sell or have just picked up the keys, being saddled with an outdated kitchen can have a negative impact on the look, feel and value of your home.

If it’s not financially possible to take on a complete kitchen redo, these tips and tricks will help freshen up your kitchen without breaking budget.

No need to splash out on a splashback

Replacing or adding a splashback doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Opt for a budget-friendly tile, or cheaper still, paint existing tiles in a specialised tile paint.

You can easily add a splashback by painting the entire area behind the stove with high gloss paint that expels moisture and is easy to clean. If you’re looking for a more durable surface you can cover your paint job with a custom cut piece of Perspex or glass. Chalk paint is also great if you’re looking for a unique and functional finish.

Paint is king

Don’t ever underestimate what a new coat of paint can do. A room can be completely transformed with the right colour choice and a little elbow grease.

Aside from refreshing kitchen walls, paint can also be used to transform kitchen cabinets. Completely replacing cabinets is an expensive and laborious task, so get the look of brand new cupboards at a fraction of the cost by painting. Remember to prep, prime and seal correctly to ensure your cupboards withstand daily wear and tear. If you’re stuck with old laminate cabinets and painting isn’t an option, you can simply change the cabinet doors, which is still a much cheaper choice than replacing the whole unit.

Light up your life

New lighting can improve both the look and functionality of your kitchen. If you have an old, single fixture to light the entire space, get an electrician to install track lights instead, positioning each light at different workspaces around your kitchen. A pendant light over a kitchen island or bench is a great way to add a touch of class to the room and also create a focal point in your kitchen.

Fix your fixtures

If you’re looking for minimal output and maximum reward, replacing fittings and fixtures is the easiest way to quickly transform a kitchen. Update outdated cabinet handles with modern fixtures such as chrome or matte black for instant elevation. Replace your 80s tap with a dramatic new one – the bigger the better. Don’t forget the small details – replace grubby, old school power points and light switches with new ones too.

Small but mighty appliances

You can change up your kitchen décor without even picking up a tool by adding a sparkly new toaster and kettle in a striking colour or finish. The possibilities are endless as you can pick up small kitchen appliances in tonnes of shades. Add a pop of colour to a neutral space or amp up a modern design style by opting for chrome. Think of them as accessories which should be proudly displayed and not hidden away in cupboards.

Words by Nell Matzen

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