Debbie Shankar - 25 Aug, 2016

Is this ‘The Look’ in 2017?

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There are a number of trends that interior designers are predicting will be popular in 2017. These stylish looks will enable you to give your home decor a freshen up with an innovative twist, and to inject your personality into your everyday living. For some homeowners, this may mean spending a little on minor renovations, while others may wish to renovate fully.

The Desert Nomad

With a minimalist feel, where less is always more, the Desert Nomad uses calming colours found in an arid region. This look removes you from your everyday existence so you experience nothing but serenity inside your home.

According to interior designers, this trend uses:

1. Colours that replicate a barren region – Saffrons, deep reds and cinnamons, mauves and indigos, as well as copper and silver. Use of earthy tones that recreate the sun, sand, rock and ruggedness are perfect. By using these colours for your furnishings and fixtures, you recreate a desert that is warm, yet inviting.

2. Materials that are natural – Raw fabrics and linen, soft suedes, and variegated, muted tones that have a faded washed-out appearance are best. Terracotta, stone and natural surfaces heighten the look which adapts to your everyday living.

3. Patterning that is primitive – Aztec and Moroccan prints are ideal. These have an uncomplicated appeal that ties in well with the colouring.

The Naturalist

Taking you back to basics so you are at one with nature, the Naturalist invites Mother Nature and harmony into your household. This look goes beyond having a grass green feature wall; it’s making use of organic products and giving your home an ecological feel.

Interior designers suggest this scheme uses:

1. Colours that combine modern living with natural beauty – Soft muted grey tones with subtle pinks, blues and greens are suited. Think of naturally beautiful colouring that brings out the best in each piece and works to create a unified environment.

2. Materials are natural and raw – Timber, bamboo, compressed hay and grass fibres are well suited. Aim to recreate an overgrown appearance rather than being refined.

3. Wilderness patterning – Think forests, tree bark, grass and flowing streams. Use leaves, floral and foliage prints. Try semi-transparent and transparent fabrics and products that build on density to give a layered effect.

The Builders Workshop

This look takes you away from your fast-paced digital existence, and back to a time when life was simpler and easier to understand. Give yourself a solid grounding to work with by blending two to three materials together.

This trend focuses on functionality so use:

1. Colours that are low-key –  Greys, yellows and browns, as well as brass and bronze are ideal. As is velvety, subtle colouring that intermingles.

2. Materials that are rustic – Plywood, canvas and cork are suitable. Concrete also adds an interesting touch. Furniture made of leather, which has rivets and buckles makes the perfect statement.

2. Patterning that is reminiscent of a bygone era – The 1950s and simple, but beautifully designed shapes and textures are perfect. Spots, stripes and circular prints, along with two-toned fabrics are well-suited, as are deeper colours.

Tribal Culture

Robust and powerful with an eagerness for success, this trend moves towards a cohesive, but loud and proud decor. It personifies unity in a world where men and women are learning to have a voice and co-exist together.

This interior design trend uses:

1. Colours that pop – Whites, greys and black that are deep and profound, mixed with splashes of vibrant colour are perfect. Vivacious pinks, blues and greens are spot-on here, as are darker yellows and oranges.

2. Materials that are cultural diversity – Wool, coloured glass and ceramics that allow you to experiment with colour and add texture to your decor are just right. These bring compliment and contrast to give your home a wow factor.

3. Tribal patterning – Animal prints and geometric patterns that are bold and replicate folk art and ancient times provide this type of design with an edge. Find prints that work well together and use them in areas that need a lift so you create a dynamic, flowing space.

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