Nell Matzen - 10 Apr, 2019

How to up the ‘cosy’ factor at home this winter

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We are finally coming to the end of what can only be described as a relentless summer, ushering a collective sigh of relief as the days have become shorter and the mornings a little crisper. With these comfy tips, you’ll be ready to make your home feel cosy and choose the snug life.

When the cooler months really settle in let us not partake in the favourite Aussie past time of complaining about the weather, but embrace the cool reprieve by turning our homes into a cosy oasis.


Do as the Danes do and really up the cosy factor using lighting and candles. These Scandi folk are so serious about creating a comfy, snuggly home they even have a word for it: hygge – a mood of coziness and comfort, a feeling of contentment and wellness. The Danes agree that candles are one of the most important elements when striving for hygge. Turn off your overhead lights and rely on the warm glow of candles to light your home. If you really want to go full hygge, a string of fairy lights can turn any room into a twinkly, winter wonderland.

Blankets and pillows

Mohair, angora, cashmere… oh my! Blankets are integral to creating a cozy home and the softer the material the better. Make sure to have a number of throws and blankets in the linen press so all your guests can join in on the snuggly soiree. Adorn your lounge and bed with an array of cushions made in soft and tactile materials and you’ll be going down to snuggly town in no time.


Relaxed clothing is a must when building your cosy Kingdom. Invest in a chic pair of pyjamas and robe to make your downtime truly special. Avoid old band shirts and high school track pants to ensure your cosy oasis doesn’t merge into a slovenly territory. Not confident greeting your Uber Eats driver at the door in a robe? That’s ok – opt for a fluffy cardigan instead.

On those particularly frigid evenings, whip out your ugg boots or bed socks for a snuggly treat.


It’s time to store the salad tongs and bring out the slow cooker – up the cosiness this autumn with a hearty stew, soup or curry. A warm, slow-cooked dish isn’t just comforting, but a convenient option, perfect for leftovers.

The cooler months are the best time to cook up a storm. Slaving over the stove in summer is less than ideal – compared to sipping a glass of wine whilst tending to a roast chicken on a winter’s day. Use those extra hours indoors to experiment with your spice rack and create the depth of flavour that only time allows.


It’s vital to pair your cosy meal with the right drop. Whilst summer is synonymous with a crisp Pinot Gris and fruity Savvy B, winter is all about the big bold red. Australia produces an excellent Shiraz, or reach for a Syrah if you want something a little lighter that still falls under the category of a full-bodied red. Make the most of the red wine season and pick up a cheaper bottle you can whip up into a spicy mulled wine to enjoy with dessert.

If you’re after a comforting non-alcoholic beverage, nothing says cosy like a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Grab some marshmallows or dust off your fancy teapot to turn a staple into a special cosy treat.

Words by Nell Matzen.

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