Vidya Kathirgamalingam - 27 Dec, 2019

Revamp your home using mirrors

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Feel like refreshing that bleak room in your home for the New Year but have no idea where to begin? The solution to your problem could be as simple as a mirror.

There’s a reason interior designers love to use mirrors, and that’s because they have the ability to transform a room in an instant.

But using a mirror isn’t as simple as dumping it in the corner of your room. The placement, style and size of the mirror can evoke different moods and create different illusions.

These tips will show you the differing ways you can use a mirror to give your room the quick and easy makeover that it needs.  

1. Brighten a room instantly

If you have a dark room that needs brightening, a mirror is the perfect way to achieve this. Hang the mirror opposite to a window, and the mirror will reflect natural light into the room. If the room doesn’t have any windows, the mirror will still help make a space feel bigger and make it appear less cramped.

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2. Expand your room

One of the most handy tricks is to use a mirror to create an illusion of space. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will create in the room. Think about the positioning of the mirror as well. A mirror that reflects your garden will add some green into the room, while a mirror placed at the end of the hallway will create more depth.

3. Create a statement piece

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on expensive artworks when can instead you can replace them with an interesting statement mirror. Statement mirrors can be a classy and timeless addition to your walls that will also add character and texture to the room. Remember that you don’t always have to go with the standard square mirror. Be creative and think about using mirrors of unique materials and different shapes. A useful tip would also be to position the mirror at a focal point in the room to draw attention to it and ensure it contrasts the colours on surrounding walls.

4. Create a gallery wall

Do you have tonnes of family photos that are collecting dust? Start framing them all to create a gallery wall and add a few mirrors into the mix. You can make it themed, play with levels or use your favourite colour scheme when designing it. This will add a homely feel to your room and allow you to add personality to that bare and boring wall in your home.

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5. Add colour to your room  

Did you know that colour can influence your own mood and how you feel when you enter a room? While an all white room may add simplicity and minimalism. Adding a colourful mirror can create give your room a whole new feel. For instance, adding reds and yellows will add energy to your room, while adding blues and greens will have a calming effect.

6. Use mirrors in unusual and unconventional ways  

You will be surprised with the many creative ways you can incorporate mirrors into your home. For instance, take a look at this mirrored kitchen splash back. Some other ideas include using an oversized mirror as a headboard for your bed or installing mirrored cupboard doors. Using mirrors in these unconventional ways will not only mean your home will be unique, but it also is a practical use of space due to the way they are multifunctional.

Words by Vidya Kathirgamalingam 

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