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Revive your lawn to add value to your home

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You may think that landscaping is just not that important when it comes to the value of your home. However, the lush green lawn has more of an impact than you think. A national survey conducted by real estate agents Raine & Horne has discovered that a neat, tidy and lush lawn attracts buyers to a house.

Of the real estate agents surveyed, 40% of agents believed a nicely presented lawn can boost your home’s value by 20%, while 23.3% of agents surveyed believed it could bolster your home’s value by 30%.

This may not have crossed your mind, but 93% of Raine & Horne real estate agents actually recommend their clients revive their lawns before selling their house.

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Now if are looking to sell your property or even just want to recuperate your landscaping around your house listen up closely.

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Planning comes first

Before you go to your local Bunnings or Big W to buy a mass of products, first thing is planning. This process will be divided into three steps: figuring out how you want it to look, finding out what state your lawn is in, and then planning how to get from the one to the other.

Think about where you’d like to improve on and other factors that may come into play. If you like to barbecue on Sunday night, you might want to consider a special outdoor cooking area that features brick, gravel, stone, something that is fire resistant and can handle the foot traffic. It will be much more functional and may also look better in the long run.

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Figure out what you want your lawn to look like

Appearance; What do you want your lawn and garden to look like? Do you want to plant a veggie patch? Do you care whether you have broad or fine-bladed grass? Are children and pets going to be playing outside? If so, whats the safest area for your lawn?

Space; Within the space you’ve got available to you, how big a lawn do you want? Do you want a footy field so your kids can play, or do you just need a small area for you pets to go potty?

Time; How much time do you want to spend on your lawn, and would you still have time to maintain it to perfection?

Use; What kind of use does your lawn get? If its kids playing soccer you may need a broader, tough more resilient grass. If you just want it for reading basically any grass will do.

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Figure out what state your lawn is in

Map what you’ve got; Sketch out your current yard and gather the distances and measurements of your yard. Note what plants, trees, shrubs and grass are located where and sketch those existing structures. Write down which area gets more sun, or which area is usually shady.

Figure out what state your grass is in, you can use online grass identification sites to test this. This will help your lay out when you start reviving your lawn. You should also figure out if have dense patches of dirt between the clumps of grass in your yard, because those patches are weed magnets.

Do you have mattered layer of roots instead of dirt? That’s most probably thatch, and if it’s only about a quarter to half an inch thick that’s okay but don’t let it accumulate.

How shallow or deep are your roots? Shallow roots cannot reach as many nutrients as deep roots can so you should test this out as well.

Weeds. Firstly, what percentage of your lawn is weeds? If you’ve got over 50% of weeds, fighting them is a lost cause. In that case it’s probably time to kill it off. Figure out the type of weeds you have so you can either remove them or kill them.

Man weeding to revive his lawn

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Executing your plan

Step 1: Remove thatch and weed build up.

If your lawn is smaller you can hand-weed them yourself by using a stainless-steel weeder. This one is from Big W and gets right to the root to pull out the weed.

If you can’t use a hand-weeder you can use herbicides to kill them. You can choose a wide range of ready-to use sprays, one of Bunnings most effective products sold is RoundUp Tough Weedkiller.

To remove the thatches from your lawn, start by using a metal rake and pull the rake through your lawn in long even strokes, pressing down firmly to remove as much thatch as possible.

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Step 2: Give your lawn some air.

Aeration allows the compacted grass roots to penetrate the soil and help the fertiliser reach the roots. It’s best to aerate during autumn and start of winter. A great aerator is the Cyclone Tubular Steel Lawn Aerator which you can purchase from your local Bunnings. They also have a video showing you how to use it and why.

Step 3: Top dress your lawn

Top dressing is a quick and natural way to give your dying lawn that surge of nutrients. Trim your lawn with a mower, avoiding cutting your grass too short, then spread about 1cm of top dressing over the lawn and levelling with a rake.

Bunnings have a step-by-step video on how to top dress your lawn which is helpful if you’re not too sure.

Step 4: Feed your lawn with a fertiliser

Whether you use granule or liquid, a quality fertiliser will have a big impact on overall health of your grass.

Brunnings Green Up Lawn Food is a special formulation of the essential nutrients needed to encourage both greening and overall healthy lawn growth.

Seasol Lawn Fertiliser is a ready-to-use liquid fertiliser and health treatment all in one. It feeds and revitalises your lawn while conditioning the soil.

Step 5: Take care of your lawn and not over water

You must be sure not to over water your plants or lawn as you can drown the roots and damage your greens. If the soil is still moist you will not need to water your plants or lawn, only when the soil is dry water the plant and plant roots, and of course your grass.

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