Jessica Testa - 31 Aug, 2021

6 Up-and-Coming Home Design Trends

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Home design trends can often change as quickly as the seasons do and we often look to the experts when trying to figure out what the next big thing will be. 

Houzz Australia & New Zealand Editor Vanessa Walker has shared predictions for the six most influential up-and-coming design trends. These predictions are based on insights collected by Houzz from their community of homeowners and home professionals. 

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Walker says: “As we continue to cautiously navigate our way through the pandemic, solitude in nostalgia has translated into design trends with a retro resurgence in furnishings, fixtures and colour choices by homeowners and designers on Houzz.”

We touch on what those six predictions are and how you can stay ahead of the curve and prepare to introduce them into your home.  

The return of feel-good furnishings 

Just as fashion trends do, design trends of the past are often seen coming back into style decades later. There is a current resurgence of 1970s style architecture in terms of how buildings are being designed, as demonstrated by many of the designers and architects on Houzz. This is exemplified by features such as curved to rounded panelling, arches and sunken rooms making their return. 

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Leaning into this theme to match the interior look, certain furnishings are becoming more popular. Feel-good furnishings are on the rise again with decor like tufted cotton, fringed bedspreads and floral bed linen with a 70s colour palette of russet offset by pastel-like hues.

feel good furnishings design trend
Photo by Katya de Grunwald © Houzz

It’s hip to be square

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Modern designs may focus on geometric shapes since they are more likely to make a statement and bring a unique flair to a room if used properly. Using organic shapes is always a popular trend with many handcrafted pieces becoming staples in a variety of interior designs. However, it is becoming more apparent that square tiles are becoming the go-to thing when it comes to designing kitchens and bathrooms.

In reference to this trend, Houzz says that “this aesthetic that lends itself to linear conformity but also zellige-style in variations of colour, glazes and rippled surfaces.” Lining your benches, side table and coffee tables with neat lines of white, black or even coloured tiles can give your rooms a timeless look that could suit any design – no matter if you are going for a traditional or contemporary feel.

It's hip to be squat design trend
Photography by Bonny Beattie

Terrazzo palazzo

If you are looking for a tile option that is more eye-catching than ceramic and warmer than marble, terrazzo tiles might be the option for you. This eco-friendly and long-lasting tile comes in a number of colours, so there is no limit to the designs that can be created. The terrazzo style provides an illusion of movement and adds a punch of personality to any kitchen or bathroom due to the tile’s playful design. 

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According to Houzz, 2021 has seen one of the highest search volume surges of the phrase ‘terrazzo bathroom’ on their website in comparison to the same time in 2020. While their popularity picked up again last year, experts are taking this surge into account and are in agreement that enthusiasm towards terrazzo and porcelain terrazzo-look tiles is still rising.

Terrazzo Palazzo Design Trend
Designed by Room By Room Kinglands Home Bathroom

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The slim shaker

Shaker-style cabinets have been described as the gold standard of cabinetry. The ever-popular design allows versatility with the high amount of ways they can be personalised. From white shaker cabinets for a Hamptons style kitchen to coloured cabinets that can be mixed and matched for a unique look, there are a number of ways that these features of function can be easily integrated into your modern kitchen. 

Recently, the popular style of shaker cabinets has been slimmed down, featuring more narrow frames and recessed handles or even subtle finger pulls. According to professionals on Houzz, the style of shaker cabinets has been transformed in this way to solve a long-standing problem of figuring out how to “have a streamlined contemporary kitchen with just enough detail to give it a sense of place in period homes.” Combined with a flat centre panel and square-edged border, these slim style shaker cabinets could contribute to achieving that look

Slim Shaker
By Panelform on Houzz

Wallpaper as a textual feature

Texture is essential for adding interesting layers to your room design, whether that be by framing your windows with silk curtains or adding soft cushions to a couch or bed. If you are looking for a more unique – and colourful – way of adding texture to a room, lining a wall with some interesting wallpaper is a great way to do that. 

Wallpaper has been a popular way of decorating walls since the 1600s before eventually dying out in the 1980s. Now, it seems that the trend is coming back with many trendsetters on Houzz showing off the new obsession of layering wallpaper with other textural elements. 

Using wallpaper as a backdrop to furnishings of differing materials is not something that can be done easily and often requires the contribution of a professional interior decorator or designer with the right knowledge to execute it properly without it becoming an overwhelming mess.

Wallpaper textual feature design trend
Kayla Stark © Houzz

Creative brickwork

Brickwork is another way of adding texture to a room by getting creative with how you style the walls in your home. It has the ability to blend in well regardless of whether you are going for an industrial feel, a contemporary style or a vintage theme. 

Houzz has shown that this trend has been on the rise as it is more commonly integrated into Australian architecture. With the ability to personalise this creative feature of design through the style of brick or covering them with a bright colour, this could be a unique and eye-catching feature that can make any home more interesting both inside and out. 

Creative brickwork design trend
Bryant Street House Design by Studio Alison Binks on Houzz. Photography by Jonathon Griggs.

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Words by Jessica Testa 


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