Joanne Ly - 10 May, 2020

The new wave of furniture rentals

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We live in a world where there is constant change, especially in home furnishing. Homeowners are continually trying and keep up with the latest trends and styles, but as sustainability continues to be brought to the forefront of our minds, the popularity of subscription furniture in Australia is rising.

This service is one of the latest mindsets adopted by millennials all over the world, where the idea of renting furniture is more appealing than owning furniture.

What is furniture rental?

When you move into a new home, the thought of instantly furnishing it as soon as possible comes to mind. Generally the necessities to purchase are a sofa, table, bed and TV. However, with so many options to choose from and the amount of furniture needed, purchasing it all together could put a strain on your wallet.

This is where furniture rental comes into play – a service that allows you to pay for furniture at a subscription service (either per week, month, year). Furniture rental doesn’t tie you to a particular product like when you buy it. Instead, you can cancel your subscription after the period ends, or swap out for newer, trendier pieces that are available.

Why should you rent furniture?

Cost effective

The main advantage of renting furniture is the lower costs involved. Although furniture is an investment to some, paying a large sum of money for furniture is no longer favourable. In today’s generation, people are not looking for a long term plan and understand that tastes may change in the future. Homeowners can easily join a cost-effective subscription furniture plan without having to worry about wear and tear issues and the hassle of re-selling (which will cost both time and money).

The new wave of furniture rentals


Rental furniture is a great option for those who are in a temporary living space or moving away soon. This includes people like students and anyone anticipating a career or family move. Instead of having to commit to a piece of furniture even after moving away, there’s an added convenience to renting furniture as it can simply be returned or even picked up for you at the end of the lease. The furniture also comes delivered and already assembled so there’s no need for building yourself.

Long or short term rentals

Most rental companies allow you to rent from a period of just a couple of weeks to even a few years. Furniture can be rented out for a flexible amount of time that serves the needs of the renter. The goods can be returned once the lease has ended, or they can be bought outright for an additional cost.

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Renting furniture allows you to personalise your own space over time. If you’re moving into your first home and unsure of the style you’re after, renting various pieces to try out short term would be more effective than buying different big-ticket items all at once. Homeowners who like to update the style of their home will also lean towards renting furniture as it gives them both versatility and flexibility.

Subscription furniture rentals in Australia


Breeze is a new startup that works just like your regular furniture rental services, but with a few key differences. Instead of paying a subscription fee for a particular item, users pay a general monthly fee that allows them to choose from a range of furniture and swap it out whenever they want a change. Breeze will come to your home and replace it for you. Customers can also subscribe to lounge and bedroom packages that are exclusively curated by Breeze – for example, a couch, chair and coffee table in a Scandi theme.

Valiant Interiors

Valiant is the only company in Australia to provide event hire and styling and furniture hire under one roof. They’re most known for their event hire packages, but also have options to transform your home space with premium rental products. If you’re temporarily relocating, Valiant can provide home furniture, accessories, electronics and white goods for individuals, families and corporate groups. All packages are personalised and you can utilise their professional interior stylists to ensure the furniture is tailored to your needs. Packages range from full hire, purchase or a combination of both.

Mr Rental

Mr Rental has been in the Australian market for almost 40 years, offering customers flexible rental options, easy ways to pay, fast delivery and free installation. Renters can choose between an option of four plans based on their needs, from those on a budget to those who need flexibility for their lifestyle changes and those who just want to rent an item ‘for that moment’. Aside from furniture, they also offer a wide range of other products to rent like home appliances and phones. Those that run a small business can also take advantage of office furniture to rent on Mr Rental’s business plan.

Huntley + Co

Huntley + Co was originally a property styling company but transitioned to furniture hire a few years ago. They have an in house delivery team and cater for both short and long term rental options. Apart from renting from an extensive range of furniture, you can also choose to hire decorative items such as art, rugs, lamps, linen and props to go with your home. All items are sourced by professional stylists with themes from Luxe to Boho, Scandi to Hamptons. Customers can also hire for as little as one week.

Types of furniture you can rent

What furniture you can rent depends on each company, but most of them have a wide range of products for every room in a standard house. This includes:

  • Couches
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Coffee and side tables
  • TV units
  • Beds
  • Floor and desk lamps
  • Bedside tables
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Cabinets

At boutique rental companies, you can also hire items such as office furniture and furnishing accessories like pillows and throws.

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COVID-19 rental policies

All furniture rental companies are actively monitoring the advice and guidance of the Australian Government regarding Coronavirus and any new regulations that are being put into place. For those who still have showrooms open, they’re implementing safe distancing, extra disinfecting and hygiene practices. More rental companies are also providing virtual showroom assistance services including product selections viewable on the website or over the phone.

In accordance with health authority advice, contactless delivery is now in practice. For those customers who require furniture collection, the rental team members will adhere to a safe distance, wearing face masks, gloves and washing hands regularly. Disinfectant will also be used on the furniture and hand sanitiser for the professional movers.

What customers have been saying

“As renters, we could never justify buying expensive furniture. Thanks to rental furniture, we now have the modern home we’ve always wanted. It may not be ideal to some, but we preferred to have the flexibility of furnishing our own property, especially since we were looking at a long term lease.” – Sherlyn on Breeze

“We needed to furnish our apartment quickly and for a relatively short period of time (less than 9 months). Rental furniture was a godsend. They were willing to work with our schedule, allowed us to add and remove some furniture to make sure we were very comfortable with our choice. The ease of clicking on a few images and having your furniture in your living room a few days later is priceless. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who is too busy to buy or rent furniture, and gets that off their list.” – Quynh on Feather

“We rented a fridge for a month during Christmas / New Year while we had family visiting. We are building an extension and had demolished our kitchen and only had a tiny bar fridge, so needed something more. With only two days before Christmas and 24hours notice, we had a great fridge for our use. The delivery team was quick and it was one of the easiest rentals I have ever made. Thanks so much for a great service – I would definitely rent again!” – On Mr Rental

“My husband and I move a lot due to work and rental furnishing has been our greatest blessing. Not only is the furniture selection modern and stylish, but it’s always proven to be of the best quality and craftsmanship. When I want to swap, flip, switch, move or just bounce some ideas around, companies have been tremendously helpful. If you’re considering renting pieces, don’t hesitate.” – Mia on Fernish

“As a startup, it’s so great not having to worry about office furniture again, as Fernish did a great job setting up our work desks and chairs. We should be ordering more from them as we grow!” – Jiake on Fernish

Words by Joanne Ly

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