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Top 20 Best TV Bedrooms of All Time

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The bedroom can often be seen as someone’s sanctuary and a place to go when escaping the outside world. Decorating this sanctuary can be an outlet for creativity and personal expression when time is taken to personalise the space and give it a more homely feel.

Many of our favourite TV characters have interesting designs to their bedrooms that can often influence that of our own. From the colour of the walls to the furnishings that fill out the room, there are so many features of these rooms that can be both iconic and eye catching.

Here are some of our favourite TV bedrooms:

Sabrina’s Room – Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

She’s everyone’s favourite teenage witch, but can that 90’s style bedroom be less iconic? The mysterious purple wallpaper combined with decorative draping and sun and moon decor give off some very fitting mystic vibes while her vintage furnishings complete the look.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Bedroom
ABC /via

Kelly Taylor’s Room – 90210

We wouldn’t expect anything less than a lush atmosphere from the wealthy Kelly Taylor. The colourful Warlow-style artwork and posh accessories perfectly match the rich lifestyle this high class teen is sure to lead.

Kelly Taylor Bedroom 90210
Source: Fox/ via

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Carly’s Room – iCarly

Bright and full of so much detail, it’s difficult to know where to start when gushing about Carly’s bedroom. The unbelievably large space looks like the perfect place to hang out with beanbags, an ice cream sandwich bench, an eames lounge, a bright pink storage unit and an elevated bed – that’s if we were going to name only some of the details of this epic explosion of a room. 

iCarly bedroom
Source: Nickelodeon/ via

Clarissa Darling’s Room – Clarissa Explains It All

Considering her wild 80’s fashion sense, we’re not at all surprised by Clarissa’s bright and highly detailed bedroom. With license plates and car parts on the walls, wall-to-wall carpeting, wall-to-wall carpeting and a multi-coloured desk and matching chair, her bedroom would be the ultimate design for a teenage girl at the time.

Rory’s Room – Gilmore Girls

Although it’s not the most iconic place in Stars Hollow, Rory’s bedroom is undeniably perfect for the young overachiever. Harvard paraphernalia covers the bulletin board – which would later be replaced with Yale merch – while plenty of books crowd her shelves. The large window above her bed is framed with pretty lace curtains perfectly complimenting her pink bedding. It’s also located just next to the kitchen, meaning it’s in a prime location if a midnight snack is in order.

Rory and Logan in Rory Gilmore's childhood bedroom
Source: The WB via/

Dan’s Room – Gossip Girl

Although Dan was supposed to be the poor one of the group, his Brooklyn apartment certainly didn’t show it. The intellectual scholarship student’s bookshelf is something any book lover would envy while the dark exposed brick walls create a cool basement-like effect. 

Dan and Serena in Dan's childhood bedroom on Gossip Girl
Source: The CW /via

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Monica’s Room – Friends

Although we saw more of her living room than her bedroom, Monica’s room is still a lovely feature of her famous apartment. The floral quilt and pink walls work perfectly with the antique decor that fills the space.

Monica's Room Friends
Source: NBC /via

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Hanna’s Room – Pretty Little Liars

All of the Liars’ rooms seem to perfectly match their personalities so they could all be on this list. However, we will settle for two of the main four girls. Hanna is fashion-forward and bold, and her room definitely shows this. Its modern style and bright pops of colour create a glamorous and chic look.

Hanna's bedroom Pretty Little Liar's
Source: ABC Family/Freeform /via

Spencer’s Room – Pretty Little Liars

Best friend Spencer, on the other hand, is the clever perfectionist so while her bedroom is also modern, it has a more minimalist style. That being said, it does have a little bit of colour with her pink headboard and bedspread, as well as a little gallery of beach prints.

Spencer sitting on bed in bedroom Pretty Little Liars
Source: ABC Family/Freeform /via

Clarie Underwood’s Loft – House of Cards

We have yet another incredible New York apartment to envy over in Carrie Underwood’s loft. The spacious loft gets plenty of natural light from the various windows, while the exposed brick walls and lofted ceilings elevate its look.

Claire Underwood's bedroom from House of Cards
Source: Netflix / via

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Mindy’s Room – The Mindy Project

As an obstetrician, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a clean and organised room. You’re in luck. Mindy’s crisp white walls and furnishing create a bright space while her cute printed linen and French doors create a classy, feminine vibe that is to die for. Being a smart woman, her book shelf is packed with books that are just begging to catch your eye.

Mindy sitting on bed in her bedroom
Source: Fox via /

Hannah’s Room – Girls

We have another set of best friends with rooms we just have to talk about. Firstly, Girls’ main character Hannah has a room that could be seen as a hot mess, just like its owner, but there are just so many lovely aspects of the space. The rose-coloured walls to the intricate headboard are perfect features that would make any bedroom look sophisticated and cool.

Hannah Horvath from Girls sitting in bedroom
Source: HBO /via

Shoshanna’s Room – Girls

Shoshanna’s room has more of a feminine vibe with hues of cream, blue and pink. The fairy lights in the shape of a heart above her wooden desk is a sweet touch while her vision board is a feature any millennial would have to keep their goals in mind.

Girls Shoshanna's Room
Source: HBO

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Dawson’s Room – Dawson’s Creek

Any movie buff would love to have Dawson’s bedroom with all of his movie memorabilia on the walls and wardrobe door. The wool blankets and dark wood furnishing also make it look super warm. The best part of the room, however, isn’t an interior feature. The large window has a ladder leading up to the porch, allowing the perfect way to sneak in or out. 

Dawson Leery Bedroom Dawson's Creek
Source: The WB

Abbi’s Room – Broad City

She’s one of the comedic queens of television, but Abbi’s bedroom is definitely one that would inspire any young woman to redecorate. Her boho bedding matches her bright walls perfectly, but it’s her collage of Oprah, as well as some of her own art, hanging from the walls that really sets it apart from the rest.

Bedroom Broad City
Source: Comedy Central

Issa’s Room – Insecure

With a mix of modern and vintage elements, Issa’s room is perfectly balanced to create a warm atmosphere. She has features including her cool printed quilt and shag rug on the wall to decorate her space. With her full length mirror, which is often a feature that can revamp your home, Issa has a full length view as she gets ready to conquer her day in LA.

Jess’ Room – New Girl

Our favourite quirky girl, Jess Day has the perfect brightly coloured room that matches her personality to a tee. Her floral print quilt and blue-green walls gives it a sweet feminine look, while her eye-catching bedhead and framed artwork is just enough detail without overpowering the bold features.

Jess's Bedroom The New Girl
Source: Fox /via

Zack’s Room – Saved By The Bell

Our Saved By The Bell hero Zach also has a room that is fit to hang out in all day. With a bright coloured bean bag and bedding to match the room has the pop of colour it needs to elevate it. The framed posters and Dodgers flag on the walls are also great details.

Zack room Saved by the bell
Source: NBC

Buffy’s Room – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When she’s ready for a good night’s rest after kicking supernatural butt, Buffy retires to her gorgeous bedroom. While her bed takes up a lot of the space, Buffy implements great storage solutions by placing her hats on a hook on above her bed, which is one of the details that can be taken on in our real life bedrooms to make the most of our space. 

Buffy in bedroom
Source: The WP/ UPN

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Words by Jessica Testa


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