Kathryn Lee - 21 Dec, 2018

Interior design trends to look out for in 2019

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Minimalism, bold patterns and responsibly-sourced design: these are some of the interior styles you can expect to flourish in the next 12 months. We take a look at the 2019 interior design trends that will give your home the wow factor, not just next year but well into the future.

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While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to kitting out your home, injecting a little bit of on-trend décor alongside your favourite classic pieces can quickly freshen up a lack-lustre interior.

Trend forecasters have been busy predicting the looks that will be most sought-after by those looking to keep their interiors looking beautiful and up-to-date – here’s our pick of the top trends for 2019:


It’s all about the basics when it comes to the minimalist look, and super sleek and sophisticated interiors will only increase in the next year. This style of interior design is simple, elegant and easy to recreate by clearing all surfaces of clutter, creating a neutral base, choosing quality over quantity, using different textures in similar tones, investing in stylish furniture and – above all – keeping it simple.

A focus on sustainability

This eco-friendly approach to interior design uses fabrics, furniture and even home decorations that are either recycled or recyclable. Being part of the sharing economy means thinking before you throw away, upcycling tired furniture and opting for second-hand over brand new, where possible.

Opting for more energy-efficient materials and electronics is another way of reducing your environmental footprint and keeping your energy bill low.

This sustainable approach puts the environment first and is just another way of doing your bit to make the world a better place.


There is a kaleidoscope of colours that are predicted to be on-trend in 2019, with dramatic matte black, millennial pink, browns, beiges, golds and warm neutrals proving to be the colours of choice.

Other colours predicted to capture the hearts of many home decorators are rich reds, warm browns and flamingo orange, along with jade, teal and apricot.

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Dressing mad

Wallpaper and window dressings in daring, heavier styles with patterns and textures will feature prominently in homes. These selections will make a bold statement and – paired with contemporary design – will contrast well with a minimalist look. Trendsetters predict that floral, abstract and chintz patterned fabrics and papers will be all the rage in 2019.

Incorporating 2019’s interior design trends into your décor

If you’re on a budget, don’t feel pressured to incorporate passing trends into your home décor immediately or at all, there are plenty of ways to refresh your home’s interior without blowing the budget.

Rather than overwhelming yourself by transforming your whole home at once, do one room at a time, ensuring you use the same theme throughout your entire home. This approach not only gives your home continuity, but it also intensifies your design finesse.

Follow these steps to create décor that looks like you hired a professional when really you’ve adhered to a budget:

  1. Turn to magazines and websites for inspiration: Before you start doing anything to your home, organise your thoughts. Collect magazine or website images of home décor that you love and use them to create an inspiration board. Pinterest is the perfect place to create a board with all the looks you love. When you’ve finished your board, it will define your design style and can be used as a guide.
  2. Select your colour scheme: Once you’ve defined your style, it’s time to pick your colour scheme. Colour creates ambience, projects your personality and can amplify the light in your home. To work out what colours you love, turn to your inspiration board. What colours are prominent in the images you’ve collected? Write them down and then narrow down your selection to three colours or shades.
  3. Add texture: While colour is ‘a must’ it’s also vital to add texture to a home’s décor, through various fabrics – like linen, velvet, suede, leather – which create depth and a richness to the environment.
  4. Add statement furniture: Larger pieces of furniture in your home makes a bold statement. If you have a small area to decorate, then use one large furniture item to give it the desired look. Try not to overfill a room with too many larger items. Remember less is always more when it comes to appealing décor. 
  5. Always dress a room: Pillows, throw-rugs, decorative bowls, baskets and even flowers can add glamour and personality to a room. Collections of loose items strategically placed around a home give it a lived-in feel that enables others to gain a sense of your personality.
  6. Find a hero: Every room in a home should have one item that stands out. This item can be a piece of furniture, a painting, rug or light fitting. No matter what you select, it should make a statement that amplifies the décor in the room.
interior design trends 2019

Setting a budget

Once you’ve decided on your look, the next step is to set yourself a budget. Once again, focus on one room in your home at a time, making transforming your home easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

Once you’ve set yourself a budget, then you can go shopping. Some great places to start if you’re budget conscious are second-hand, salvage and recycled goods stores. Also, search online for local bargains, which are often cost-effective and allow you to get what you want for the right price.

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