Jessica Testa - 4 May, 2020

Top Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force across the world, all Australians are being encouraged to stay home and self-isolate as much as possible. As a result of the pandemic, events have been cancelled, local businesses must find creative ways to survive, most professional sports are on hold, many people are being forced to take time off work and those who can are working from home. Although filling up this extra free time may be difficult for some people, there are plenty of creative activities that can be inserted into a brand new daily routine.

Getting hooked on some of the great podcasts out there can be a great way to combat the boredom that can come with this new normal. Whether you need something to distract yourself while cleaning your physical space or digital space, to keep you motivated between Zoom meetings or to even help you learn something new, podcasts could be the one thing you’re missing.

To help you get started, we have created a list of some of the top podcasts in a number of categories (as of April 2020) that could be your newest obsession.

Judith Lucy – Overwhelmed & Dying

Australian Comedian Judith Lucy may have only started her podcast Overwhelmed & Dying in February, but, according to the hundreds of five-star reviews it’s received so far, it is proving to be something that a lot of people are enjoying each week. In this podcast, Judith attempts to “solve her problems and yours” by looking at the things in her life that she finds overwhelming and how she can try and deal with them. Although it will only be eight episodes long, this short series of candid conversations could be a less intimidating starting point into the wonderful world of podcasts.

Ordineroli Speaking

If you are feeling down about the lack of sport that’s currently on at the moment, sports journalist Neroli Meadows may have the answer to help to fill the gap in your Sunday afternoons. In Ordineroli Speaking, Neroli speaks to a bunch of incredible athletes about the things that make them human, broaching subjects including the feeling of failure, stories of tragedy and times when they just weren’t coping. Some of her guests so far include cricketer Glenn Maxwell, retired AFL player Dale Thomas and three-time Olympian Eamon Sullivan.

The Eleventh

History enthusiasts, or even anyone who would just like to learn more about Australian history, may like to tune into ABC Radio’s The Eleventh. This podcast revolves around the dismissal of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, focusing on the lead-up, the shocking event itself, the aftermath in the political world and the country in general. Host Alex Mann dissects the full story to uncover the secrets that circled around during that time and the drama that this famous event brought to Australia’s political atmosphere.

The Dating Game Killer        

Nail-biting true crime stories have become an obsession that many people across the world share, so of course at least one true-crime podcast had to be included in this list. The Dating Game Killer reveals the stories behind the horrific crimes of serial killer Rodney Alcala. Named after the fact that he appeared on the popular TV show The Dating Game back in 1978, this podcast allows the listener to discover the secrets that surrounded his shocking and despicable crimes.

Dying For Sex

After being diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Molly decided to make some bold changes. She left her husband of 15 years and began to explore a new life full of sexual escapades. She sits alongside close friend and host Nikki Boyer as she shares the exciting, hilarious and heartwarming stories that she has experienced since her diagnosis. With a trailer that starts with the question “What do you do if you had only a few years to live?”, Dying For Sex is the podcast that could trigger both tears of laughter and sadness in a single binge session.

Phoebe Reads a Mystery

This podcast’s title pretty much speaks for itself. In Phoebe Reads a Mystery, the host reads Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles, chapter by chapter. A great pick for all the book lovers out there, her soothing voice could be the calming presence you need to block out the stressful state of the world as you sit back and simply listen to this classic murder mystery. 

Clementine Ford’s Big Sister Hotline

Sometimes all you need is some advice from your big sister – that’s the idea behind Clementine Ford’s new podcast Clementine Ford’s Big Sister Hotline. In each episode, Clementine provides advice (based on her own personal opinion) about sex, relationships, friendships, family and life stuff, creating a safe space for adults who miss the days when they could just open up to the Dolly Doctor pages of their Dolly magazine to get all of their big questions answered.

The Left Right Game

Not all podcasts are focused on telling stories or providing facts and opinions through interviews or conversations directly with the listener. There are an array of fictional podcasts that tell stories that are written just like an old school radio drama. In The Left Right Game, actress Tessa Thompson plays a young journalist who follows a group of paranormal explorers and ends up embarking on a dangerous supernatural journey.

The Health Code

If a fun, yet informative, podcast full of positive energy sounds like your cup of tea, The Health Code could be right up your alley. In this podcast, YouTuber Sarah’s Day talks about a range of topics from health and fitness to relationships and career with her fiancé professional photographer and content creator Kurt Tilse. Their casual vibe and great banter could provide easy listening while you’re multitasking or relaxing on the couch.     

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