Nell Matzen - 10 Jul, 2019

The top 5 ways a Google Home can change your life

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The future has well and truly arrived with Google Home! The latest updates for Google’s clever little voice-activated gadget has us streamlining our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Its innovative features will have you feeling like you’re in Back To The Future – but with better clothes.

We have the rundown of the five ways Google Home will change your life.

Plan your day

Google Home is your very own personal assistant housed in a sleek, white package.

Ask your Google home to “tell me about my day” and it’ll tell you what’s in store for the next 24 hours.

The nifty gadget will give you a rundown of everything that may affect your day – from the traffic on your commute to the weather forecast. Cleverly linking to your Google calendar, it will remind you about the meetings and events you have scheduled. Cleverer still, if you have a flight on your agenda, Google home will alert you of any delays.

Know it all

Never be left wanting for answers again – all you have to do is ask your Google Home “OK Google” followed by any question you can think of and you’ll be the smartest person in every room – probably the most insufferable too.

And don’t just limit yourself to general knowledge questions, Google home has your calculations covered as well. It also has a dictionary function that can give the meaning or spelling of any word you might be stuck on. Amazingly, with Google Home’s translator function you can be an aficionado of any language you please. Ask nicely for Google Home to translate for you and it will show the translation on your Smart Device.

Be the next Master Chef

Google Home is a cook’s dream, thanks to its multiple functions that are tailored to streamlining the cooking experience. Ask your device to find you a recipe and you’re on your way. Don’t fret if you’ve landed on a recipe from the U.S., as Google Home will convert the measurements for you. It will also read out the ingredients and steps as you prompt it, so gone are the days of craning your neck as you follow a recipe on your laptop. And if you get stuck, Google Home will happily repeat the last step. Best of all, you can set multiple timers so can have several dishes on the go and never burn anything again.

Trying to reach your health goals? With Google Home, the nutritional values and content of your favourite foods are just a voice command away.

Control your home

Google Home really steps into the future with its ability to control your smart devices using voice commands. If a device has WiFi connectivity it is capable of linking to your Google Home. Turn on the TV, change channels, and control the volume – all with a voice command. The same thing goes for music – just pick a song from Spotify and play it through your speakers.

If you’re really showing off, you can connect your lights to your Google Home as well – although you’ll need to invest in an electrician or some smart globes.

Shopaholics, beware

Undeniably, the best bit about Google Home is its ability to maximise the potential of your gadgets and turn your home into a well-oiled machine. Google Home isn’t just streamlining your home, but helping bring the rest of the world to you. The device allows you to shop until your heart’s content, just by uttering a few words. From groceries to clothes, the device will have them delivered to your door without even pressing a button. And when you’re tired from all that shopping you may as well get your Google Home to order you a pizza.

Words by Nell Matzen

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