Kathryn Lee - 27 Aug, 2019

What to do with your spare room

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Got a spare bedroom with no windows? Could be the perfect home cinema. Not a movie buff? Declutter your master bedroom and turn the spare room into a walk-in wardrobe. In need of some extra cash to support your metro home? Put the room up on Airbnb.

No matter the issue or if you’re simply after some vision, here’s a diverse compilation on what to do with that spare bedroom.

Home office

Globally, an increasing number of workplaces are recognising the advantages of encouraging staff to work from home. Aside from cutting commuting time and the associated fatigue, it also decreases traffic and the related environmental impact.

Flexible home-office work arrangements have also been shown to increase productivity. In a recent study it was found that over a two year period, employees who were offered flexible arrangements had a 13% increase in productivity. Employees involved in the study also took shorter breaks and fewer sick days.

A home office can also help save you money and improve your work-life balance. By working from home you’re less likely to splurge on coffee and lunches out, and if you’re a parent, it can also help you to spend more time with the kids.

If you do decide to work from home just remember, as tempting as it might be to roll out of bed and sign in to your computer, continuing to get dressed in the morning can help you maintain productivity and stop you getting too comfortable.

Airbnb it out

If you’re keen to make some extra cash, live in a popular location and don’t mind sharing your property, consider putting your spare room on Airbnb. Co-founder of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia, says most hosts are everyday average people, so the process seems easy enough. When you want your bedroom back, simply remove your listing.

Home cinema

Have a spare room with no natural light? Don’t know what to do with it? While it may seem a little dull and enclosed, this might be the ideal place to put a home theatre.

Bringing the home theatre experience to your spare room is easy. Simply set a dimmer for the light, install surround sound, add some noise proofing and set up a projector. Lastly, find some comfortable chairs and get ready for some cozy nights in!

Toy room

It can be frustrating to follow a trail of toys, worse when they’re found by stepping or tripping over them. Save yourself the rush of packing up scattered toys before guests arrive by confining the mess to one room. Not only will it help you keep the house clean, but it also gives the kids their own space in a dedicated child-proof room.

Turn it into a bar

Design an intimate cocktail bar to entertain in your own home. Find some decorative stools and showcase your liquor true-barstyle on some floating shelves. For some added theatrics, have some cider or beer on tap – but spare us your home brews.

Home library

If you never made the switch to e-books and equally enjoy the “new book smell,” amalgamate your interests and set aside a space dedicated to reading and reclining.

Hobby room

If you enjoy sewing, painting or playing music you’ll understand some hobbies come with a lot of equipment. Personalise the room and avoid overcrowding other parts of your home by dedicating the space to your craft. And remember, if you’re just starting out on an instrument, show some compassion and soundproof the walls!

Home gym

Spending your hard-earned dosh on a membership to a gym you can never find the time to go to? Turn the spare room into a home gym and you’ll save money and always be able to find the time. With a personalised set-up metres away, no excuses can absolve you from exercising. It’s also probably more hygenic and there won’t be a wait for equipemnt.

Walk-in wardrobe

If your master bedroom is small and you’re looking to maximise space, or if you want a different place to get dressed, opt for a walk-in closet. With a designated storage space, you’ll be able to organise your attire in an accessible and orderly way. As a bonus, with your attire clearly visible you’re less likely to keep picking up the same shirt and pants.

Words by Michelle Elias

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