Melanie Hearse - 4 Apr, 2020

Work-out from home: Don’t miss out on getting that killer body

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Sure, you could go the buns of steel aerobics option, but with so many creative options popping up, why not try something different.

Desperate to ward off any extra isolation-related weight? Found your options diminishing with each new Government shut down? The news is good on the fitness front – there are limitless options out there to meet all tastes and interest, budget and fitness levels.

Online strength and aerobic training

In case we didn’t already love him enough, national treasure Chris Hemsworth has made his online training and meal plan program, Centr, free for six weeks to help get us through COVID-19. It also incorporates mental health work too, a great bonus in these stressful times. If that’s not to your taste, sites like provide a wide range of free training programs, challenges and meal plans, most of which require little to no equipment.

Get your burlesque on

While face to face is always going to be more fun (and more helpful for those tricky moves you can’t quite nail), being able to bust a move online with a qualified, live streaming instructor is way better fun than giving up your dancing! Lady Cabaret Burlesque, based in Western Australia, have started offering online burlesque classes at set times, with the same amazing teachers. Bonus tip: if you’re not a local, take the opportunity to learn from some of the best while you can. Lady Velvet Cabaret’s instructors include award-winning artists whose passion for their craft has taken them around WA, Australia and internationally performing in regular shows, events and festivals. They’ve also racked up awards from Fringe World, STAR and Miss Burlesque. Neither last nor least, they’ve provided handy tips and tricks to get your at home dance space set up and ready to roll.

Mix mind and body workouts with Martial Arts

The mental and physical workout provided by martial arts is great for boredom busting throughout any isolation – you’ll need to give all your attention to mastering each skill. It’s also a sport the entire family can learn. The WA Martial Arts Institute has reinvented themselves following gym closures and are offering a range of packages, all of which include online personal training and one on one sessions, parent support and workshops, motivational videos and weekly challenges to keep your child interested.  If you’re looking for something free, there are some highly rated options out there – just bear in mind you will have to pay to get graded, and you will miss out on individual assessment and personalised feedback.

Gym equipment at home

Popular for winter workouts with those that hate the weather, gym equipment – think treadmills, exercise bikes, medicine balls, or resistance training gear  has become so popular with those in isolation some retailers have shut off their online sales while they process their existing orders and restock. While places like Orbit and Radio Rentals maybe a bit of a wait (if you work out intensely they are worth both the wait and the extra cost, rental equipment is often far sturdier than ‘buy outright’ options), retailers including Kmart, Target And Catch still appear to have plenty of stock. Some gyms are renting out their equipment for the duration of their closure, so check out their webpage or social media to see what is available. Got no budget? There are a wide range of everyday items you can use from around the house – including filling empty bottles with sand or water for weights. Just maybe give this popular soapy water on a tiled floor suggestion a miss!

At home Pilates classes with personalised feedback

Boasting a strong membership at their studios, the team at Best Body were peppered with messages from folk keen to keep up the classes but maintain self-isolation. While it is $50 a week, and there is plenty of free classes all over the interwebs, pilates enthusiasts are still signing up – membership comes with unlimited access to virtual 45 minute Mat Pilates classes performed live by world-class Instructors, with two instructors per class (one teaching, one behind the camera watching and providing feedback and support.) And if you miss your class, panic not, they are popping up 10-minute daily workout videos and online support through their Facebook page.  Looking for a low (ok no) cost option? Fitness Blender has an extensive online library from beginner to expert.

Whether you’re looking to keep up one on one personal training from home or just after something simple and free that requires no equipment, thanks to modern technology and online ordering, there is something to keep everyone sane through the COVID-19 restrictions. Share your favourite with us!

Words by Melanie Hearse

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