Macquarie Leasing

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Macquarie Leasing

Founded: 1969

Lender Type: Global Bank

Owned by: ASX Listed

Macquarie is an award-winning international bank that has been assisting Australians to meet their financial objectives for decades. In 2016, Macquarie won the award for the Best Non-Major Bank from the Australian Business Banking Awards. Founded in 1969 in Sydney, Macquarie started out with three staff members and a vision to offer a range of advisory and investment banking services. Today, this well-reputed financial institution operates in over 27 countries. Always adhering to the highest of standards in order to serve the needs of Australian individuals and businesses, Macquarie offers a variety of asset financing options.

Key Benefits

Flexible payment options
Competitive rates
Fast loan approvals


Fees are relatively high
Not as many choices for borrowers with bad credit
Conservative lending policies

Lending Products

Lending Product Description

Chattel Mortgage

A practical financing option for individual business owners, with a Macquarie Chattel Mortgage, you will own the asset you are purchasing at the beginning of the contract, with the asset serving as security. The advantage of this type of loan is that you have a lot of flexibility in how you set up your payment structure. Loan terms range from one to five years and you have the option to put down a deposit and to nominate your final instalment amount. Macquarie will work with you if you want to set up increased business cash flow amounts at certain times of the year by adjusting the payment structure.

Commercial Hire Purchase

Macquarie lets you tailor the structure of your payments around your cash flow with a Commercial Hire Purchase as well. With this type of financing, you dont own the asset until the last payment is made, but rather you hire it from your financier during the course of the contract. Customising the loan period, deposit amount and end balloon payment also give you the flexibility to make your payments work for you.

Financial Lease

For businesses who require the latest vehicles or equipment, a financial lease is a good option as it allows you to use a new asset without having to use up a lot of capital. Macquarie owns the asset until you finish paying the loan, at which time you are responsible for the asset and can either own it or sell it. You can choose to make early lease payments or nominate some payments to be in arrears. Choose a loan term up to five years.

Novated Lease

This is an agreement between you, your employer and your financier. Macquarie loan terms range from one to five years. Your employer and financier will take care of payments from your pre-tax earnings. The tax advantages of a novated lease make this a good option for a consumer vehicle purchase.

Consumer Loan

Consumers can purchase a vehicle with a Consumer Loan from Macquarie. Youll have the option of fortnightly or monthly repayments and can choose loan terms ranging from one to seven years. There are a $505 loan establishment fee and a monthly service charge.

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