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Mildura Finance

Founded: 2000

Lender Type: Financial Broker

Owned by: Platform Consolidated Group

Mildura Finance Limited (MFL) was founded in 2000 by finance veteran, Peter Schroeder. Schroeder has been in the finance and banking industry for over 30 years and is actively involved in the MFAA Commercial & Equipment Council at the state and national level. MFL was founded upon the core belief, Common success is our goal, a value that has helped this Victoria-based firm to win several prestigious awards over the years including the Australian Brokering Awards Best Diversification Implementation Program for 2011 and the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australias Finance Credit Adviser Business of the Year award in 2014.

Key Benefits

Access to competitive interest rates
National presence with a large pool of lenders
Variety of loan products available


Loan processing times arent always fast
Not a lot of online features
Limited options for borrowers with bad credit

Lending Products

Lending Product Description

Vehicle Chattel Mortgage

This loan is designed for sole traders and partnerships and can help to maximise taxation benefits when you purchase a vehicle. Buy a new vehicle or upgrade a current one. Individual business customers who operate on a cash basis can then reclaim the Goods and Services Tax (GST) when you lodge your next Business Activity Statement.

Consumer Car Loans

Mildura Finance offers competitive consumer car loans with fixed payments and interest rates. Choose the term to ensure your fixed repayment amount will work with your cash flow. MFL will assist in customising your loan terms, making it easy to finance a vehicle and stay within budget.

Commercial Vehicle Hire Purchase

For individual business customers looking for a vehicle loan with maximum flexibility, MFLs Commercial Hire Purchase can be a smart choice. You can set the loan terms and monthly repayment, ensuring the purchase will fit comfortably within your businesss budget. If you intend to put down a deposit and want the flexibility to determine the amount of the final instalment, consider MFLs Commercial Hire Purchase product.

Novated Lease Vehicle

If you work for an employer, Mildura can help to set up a novated lease when you are ready to purchase a vehicle. With this type of financing, youll sign a Novation Agreement with your employer and Mildura as the financier. Then, your employer makes monthly lease payments out of pre-tax income on your behalf, making the repayment process convenient whilst offering tax advantages.

Asset Lease

With an Asset Lease, Mildura Finance will purchase your equipment on your behalf. Then, you make fixed payments, as monthly rental payments. Once the lease term is up, your business has the flexibility to become the owner of the equipment by paying out the residual, selling the asset or refinancing to continue the lease for another term.

Equipment Chattel Mortgage

For business owners who prefer to own their equipment assets, Milduras Chattel Mortgage can be a good option. With this lending product, the equipment you purchase becomes the security. Mildura takes a mortgage out on it and then you make repayments for a set contract term. Once the contract is completed, ownership is passed back to you.

Commercial Equipment Hire Purchase

Finance your business equipment with the low-risk appeal of a Commercial Hire Purchase. MFL purchase the equipment you need on your behalf, and then you make rental payments over a predetermined length of time. Once the contract is over and the price of the equipment and interest charges have been paid in full, your business officially owns the asset.

Equipment Rental

An Equipment Rental from MFL offers maximum flexibility. Mildura, as your financier, will purchase the equipment and rent it out to you. Youll enjoy fixed rental payments over a nominated period. Once the contract is done, you can simply wipe your hands of the equipment, hand it back and owe nothing; you can continue the rental agreement or you can buy it at market value and take on ownership.

Agribusiness Loan

If you have an agricultural based business, a specialised Agribusiness Loan can help you meet your financing needs for crop financing, equipment financing and leasing, and financial solutions such as overdraft requirements. With a working knowledge of agribusiness and its lifecycles, you can count on Mildura to assist you in diversifying and strengthening your business so youll be able to hand it over to the next generation.

Commercial Property Finance

For industrial, commercial, residential and recreational property purchases, MFL can assist in setting up financing for as much as 705 of the value of the property. In some cases, its possible to finance up to 100% of the costs. How much a development loan can cover will depend on the type and strength of the development.

Corporate Finance

For business restructuring and refinancing, Mildura Finance has the experience to help create a bespoke solution for your business. Whether you are considering purchasing a new business, or need financing to help with assets and cash flow issues, MFL can create the tailored corporate finance solution you need to move forward and enjoy smooth growth.

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