MKM Capital

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MKM Capital

Founded: 2004

Lender Type: Specialist Lender

Owned by: Privately Owned

For people who have been had trouble getting approval with banks, MKM Capital is a responsible lender that can help. They work with people who have bad credit, even mortgage arrears, as well as low doc loan applicants – the borrowers that most banks and even some specialist lenders will turn away from. While this is a lender that will say yes if you are in a financial position to borrow – they have a reputation for being smart about their lending – you will pay a much higher interest rate as well as higher fees. Also, MKM is a little different in their actual funding source. They are funded by private investors.

Key Benefits

Low doc loans
Can get a loan even with past bankruptcy
Fast loan approvals


Very high-interest rates
No fixed rate loans
High fees

Home Loan Products

Home Loans Description

Full Doc Home Loan

This product is designed for individuals who have some issues in their credit history or who haven’t had any problems in the recent past. If you truly have a clear credit track record, you may be better off getting a home loan from another lender with lower rates. This is a variable rate loan. In fact, MKM doesn’t offer fixed rate home loan products. Borrow up to 80% of a property’s value.

Flexi Doc Home Loan

For self-employed borrowers who don’t have two years’ worth of financials, MKM will accept applications with a flexible income verification process. Everything from casual income to WorkCover will be considered. This is a workable option for those who only have short-terms financials or limited documents for other reasons.

Recovery Home Loan

This home loan can be a lifesaver for individuals facing one of the life’s many challenges such as unemployment, illness, or business failure. You may qualify for a Recovery Home Loan from MKM if you can demonstrate you are taking steps towards financial recovery and working on resolving credit issues, even if you may be currently dealing with a few financial obstacles. Interest rates, of course, are high with this loan product.

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