Mortgage Ezy

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Mortagage Ezy

Founded: 2001

Lender Type: Non-Bank Lender

Owned by: Privately Owned

This Queensland-based lender offers a variety of home loan products that cater to everyone from first-time homebuyers to self-employed borrowers looking for a suitable low doc loan option. They’ve won a number of awards over the past few years from The Advisor, Money Magazine, and the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia for creating workable solutions for Australians who may have trouble getting good loans from other lenders. With a focus on the individual, Ezy Mortgage stands out for their ability to construct flexible loan packages.

Key Benefits

Competitive interest rates
Low doc loan options
Good for first-time homebuyers with limited savings


Very high fees
Limited borrowing amounts
Inconsistent customer support

Home Loan Products

Home Loans Description

Ezy Balance Variable

This is a competitive, straightforward loan. With a low deposit requirement, it is a great choice for first-time buyers. You can borrow up to 95% of the property value and take advantage of great features like a 100% offset account, fee-free redraw when you need quick access to cash for a renovation project or for other reasons, and flexible repayment options. Both upfront and ongoing fees are, however, quite high. Opt for a standard variable or fixed rate term.

Ezy Reduce

This is Ezy Mortgage’s lowest rate option. It is a standard variable loan and offers an ultra-low interest rate for those who qualify. You can also save further with an optional offset account and a free redraw facility. The fees are high on this loan, including high exit fees so be sure to plan accordingly if you intend to refinance to another lender in the future.

Ezy Economizer

You’ll need to come up with at least 20% of the purchase price to qualify for the Ezy Economizer loan product. It offers an affordable option with a low rate and all the features you’d expect from a flexible home loan including plenty of repayment options, redraw, and an offset account. You’ll also save with no ongoing fees although the upfront expenses are high. This can be either a variable or fixed rate loan.

Flexi Ezy Variable

As long as you have a track record of responsible debt management and two years of a clear credit history, you can apply for the Flexi Ezy Variable loan. This loan does require a minimum 20% deposit but with standard features, it is a practical option for borrowers who may have trouble getting approved with a traditional bank but who still have a good credit history.

Ezy Doc Loan

This loan product is designed for self-employed borrowers and business owners. If you’re in business, you’ll need to have had your ABN registered for at least 24 months and should have a good credit history for the same time period. You can borrow up to 80% of the purchase price with no LMI required.

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