NAB Insurance

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Founded: 1982

Lender Type: Major Bank

Owned by: ASX Listed

NAB offers a well-rounded package with a range of insurance products, easy online applications and affordable coverage. Probably the biggest appeal is being able to combine your insurance with your banking and finance accounts seamlessly. Youll enjoy having a dedicated claims manager, based in Australia, and the confidence of doing business with an award-winning financial institution.

Key Benefits

No medical exams required
Complete suite of insurance products available
Convenience of combining insurance with other financial products


Customer service varies because of NABs sheer size
Can be expensive depending on your policy specifics
Moderate policy flexibility

Lending Products

Lending Product Description

NAB Home Insurance Essentials

With this affordable home and contents insurance product, youll get cover for loss or damage for the standard insured events, like fire, theft and earthquakes. You can insure just the building, or building and contents, in which youll save 10% for combining your home insurance policies. This product includes everything from legal liability cover to veterinary costs and emergency storage expenses. You can get up to 30% no claims bonus discount. You also have the flexibility to vary your premium by changing your excess.

NAB Home Insurance

This is NABs more comprehensive home and contents policy. It covers everything in the Essentials policy but comes with a few extras as well, such as landscaping, tax audit and spoilage of perishable foods. It also includes the special discounts for combining your home and contents insurance and a no claims bonus. Youll get greater peace of mind that your property will be taken care of and you wont have to deal with overwhelming expenses should the unexpected occur.

Landlord Insurance

Protect your investment from damage or loss from theft, fire, liquid damage or accidental glass breakage. You can also rest easy knowing your finances wont be severely impacted if your tenant causes trouble NAB offers optional additional cover for Rent Default and Theft by Tenant. You can take out a NAB Residential Investor Insurance policy for building or contents separately, or save by combining your policies.

Car Insurance

NAB offers 3 levels of cover to suit your needs and your budget Comprehensive Insurance, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party Property Damage. With Comprehensive Car Insurance, you also can add extras like trailer and caravan cover, personal items and cover for lock re-keying or re-coding. You can also save with features like the safe driver discount and for excluding drivers under 25 years of age. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 claims service and the ability to choose your preferred repairer.

Travel Insurance

With NAB, you can get Domestic, International, and Annual cover, giving you the freedom to go where you want, stress-free. It includes unlimited cancellation and medical cover. 24-hour emergency medical assistance and cover for luggage, credit cards and travel documents. Also, if youre travelling with kids, theyre covered, for free.

NAB Essential Life

NAB offers a comprehensive suite of life insurance products with their Essentials range. With Essential Life, you get the financial support your loved ones can use if you die or become terminally ill. You can get up to $1 million in cover and an advance to pay for funeral expenses. No medical exam is required.

NAB Essential Injury

For serious injuries where you need financial assistance to help you get back on your feet, NAB Essential Injury includes up to $200,000 of cover and Access to Best Doctors. This policy will continue until age 80, although benefits reduce by 50% after age 75. No exam required to apply.

NAB Essential Critical Illness

In the case of a critical illness, you survive from, such as most cancers, strokes, severe burns and head trauma, this type of life insurance will pay out a lump sum of up to $500,000, giving you the money you need during the recovery process. You can apply quickly over the phone with no medical examination required.

NAB Caravan and Trailer Insurance

When travelling by a caravan or trailer, you want to be able to enjoy life and leave your worries behind when you hit the open road. With NABs Caravan and Trailer policy, you can get up to $1000 of cover for the contents of your caravan, as well as cover for emergency repairs, emergency accommodation and legal liability should you be found responsible for damage to other peoples property. There is no extra charge for paying your premium monthly.

NAB Home Loan Insurance

To protect your mortgage in case you become unable to pay because of illness if you lose your job, or death, NAB will provide the financial assistance you and your family need to keep up with your repayments and cope with the hardship. It includes life cover up to $1 million as a lump sum as well as disablement cover for up to 24 months if you become unable to work. It also provides involuntary unemployment cover, giving you peace of mind until you find new employment.

NAB Personal Loan Insurance

Rest easy that you or your family will be able to pay off any personal loans you may have if the unexpected occurs. Disablement, involuntary unemployment, terminal illness and a death benefit are all included in this affordable policy. You can apply in a few minutes without having to take a medical exam or have a blood test. Youll also be able to access the network of 50,000 medical specialists as part of your policy.

NAB Credit Card Insurance

Ensure your credit card repayments are made even if unforeseen circumstances make it a challenge for you to pay. With Credit Card Insurance, youll have cover for death, disablement, involuntary unemployment and critical illness for up to $50,000. No medical exam is required to apply. and youre guaranteed renewal of your policy until you are 65 years of age.

NAB Injury Insurance

In the case of a serious injury, with this policy, youll have financial assistance to help you cover your expenses and pay for adequate care until you get better. Youll be entitled to a lump sum of $40,000 in the case of a fracture and can receive up to $200,000 in total, including cash payments of $800 a day for Living Assist and $200 a day for Homecare Assist.

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