Kathryn Lee - 18 Dec, 2018

Australia’s most popular suburbs of 2018 revealed

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Which suburbs are selling like hotcakes, despite the cooling property market? We uncover the Australian suburbs of 2018 that have seen the greatest demand in the last 12 months.

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Despite an overall decline in the property market, Sydney and Melbourne are still widely-regarded as property investment meccas, for some, these cities represent hares – fast, flighty but resilient. Regarding investment though, buying in either city now may mean you’ll have to sustain a loss on your purchase price until the market regains momentum.

Hobart and Adelaide, on the other hand, are cities many perceive as tortoises – slow, steady and gradual. While these markets don’t break records regarding gains, they also don’t lose value, making Hobart and Adelaide hot on the hit list for prospective investors.

So, which popular Australian suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide have made it onto 2018’s most popular list, according to data from realestate.com.au?

The 10 most popular Australian suburbs of 2018

  1. South Hobart (Hobart, Tasmania) – Ranked as the fourth best suburb in Greater Hobart, South Hobart received 9 out of 10 in reviews with great home resale and rental value. This suburb is populated by professionals, singles, families with children and retirees.

  2. Battery Point (Hobart, Tasmania) – As the 18th most popular suburb in Greater Hobart, Battery Point ranks highly for shopping, gym and fitness, eating out and public transport, scoring a 7 out of 10 in reviews. Singles, professionals, retirees and also tourists live in this suburb. 
  3. Crafers West (Adelaide, South Australia) – With a 7.7 out of 10 review score, Crafers West is relatively quiet with minimal traffic, and it’s considered clean and green with a multitude of parks and recreational areas. Families, professionals, singles, retirees and tourists live in this popular location.
  4. Red Hill (Melbourne, Victoria) – Scoring 8.8 out of 10 in reviews, this locality attracts families, professionals, retirees and tourists, as well as country lovers. Considered neighbourly and peaceful, Red Hill also has great resale and rental value.
  5. Aldgate (Adelaide, South Australia) – With a 9.6 out of 10 in reviews and ranking as the fourth best suburb in Greater Adelaide, Aldgate is peaceful and quiet and considered clean and green with neighbourly spirit. This location is home to retirees, country lovers, singles, professionals and families.

  6. Collaroy Plateau (Sydney, New South Wales) – Scoring 8.5 out of 10 with excellent internet access and public transport, Collaroy Plateau has great home resale and rental value. Retirees, families, professionals and singles predominately live in this area.
  7. Park Orchards (Melbourne, Victoria) – Park Orchards ranks 8.7 out of 10 with great parks and recreation options, being clean, green and quiet with minimal traffic. Ideal for country lovers, singles professionals, retirees and families, this suburb is popular with most demographics.
  8. Middle Park (Melbourne, Victoria) – Scoring 8.9 out 10, Middle Park is classified as a great suburb for eating out and also has excellent parks and recreational areas. Singles, professionals, families, retirees and the LGBTQI community reside in this location.
  9. West Hobart (Hobart, Tasmania) – A 9.3 out of 10 review rating and ranking as the second-best suburb in the city indicates the popularity of this Greater Hobart area. Considered as neighbourly, safe, and quiet with great schools and parks, the gay and lesbian community, retirees, singles and families populate this suburb.
  10. Birchgrove (Sydney, New South Wales) – With a 9.0 out of 10 review rating, Birchgrove is clean and green, has great gyms and fitness facilities, as well as parking and recreational facilities. This suburb is popular with professionals, singles, families, retirees and tourists.

What makes these the most popular suburbs of the year?

These properties received the greatest number of searches on real estate websites but had the least number of properties for sale, so their demand is higher than other suburbs.

All but one of the suburbs on this list are within an hour of the CBD, so they are a relatively short commute to the city, making them favourable as investments.

There are several tell-tale signs that a suburb is ripe for plucking, including distance to the CBD, median property value and the current ownership demographics.

Most Popular Australian Suburbs, 2018
Suburb Distance to CBD (Car) Avg Age Demographics Property ownership Median Values
South Hobart 6 mins 20 to 39 35% singles, 35% families 31% fully owned, 31% purchasing, 38% renting $650,000
Battery Point 7 mins 20 to 39 41% families, 59% singles 32% fully owned, 19% purchasing, 50% renting $1,275,000
Crafers West 22 mins 40 to 59 57% families, 43% singles 34% fully owned, 53% purchasing, 13% renting $640,500
Red Hill 65 mins 40 to 59 58% families, 42% singles 45% fully owned, 40% purchasing, 15% renting $1,417,000
Aldgate 23 mins 40 to 59 61% families, 39% singles 43% fully owned, 47% purchasing, 10% renting $727,500
Collaroy Plateau 42 mins 40 to 59 59% families, 41% singles 40% fully owned, 45% purchasing, 15% renting $1,710,000
Park Orchards 36 mins 40 to 59 63% families, 37% singles 49% fully owned, 46% purchasing, 5% renting $1,515,000
Middle Park 18 mins 40 to 59 48% families, 52% singles 37% fully owned, 25% purchasing, 38% renting $2,740,000
West Hobart 4 mins 20 to 39 39% families, 61% singles 31% fully owned, 31% purchasing, 38% renting $686,000
Birchgrove 14 mins 40 to 59 47% families, 53% singles 33% fully owned, 33% purchasing, 34% renting $1,800,000

Source: Domain and Realestate.com.au
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