Debbie Shankar - 15 Jun, 2016

Broker Opportunities Rise as Consumer Confidence Grows

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Figures recently released by a leading Australian research company show that consumer confidence is rising. This change comes after a period of steady decline where consumers have been apprehensive to buy.

The latest Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index suggests that consumer confidence rose by 1.1% to 115.1 points during the last week of May. This increase indicates that consumers have responded positively to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to drop the official cash rate to 1.75% and that many consumers are now interested in looking at their buying options.

How Has Consumer Confidence Increased?

The research published by Roy Morgan suggests that the consumer view of the economy was the primary driver of the rise in confidence. Consumer views towards ‘economic conditions over the next 12-months’ rose by 6.1% and their views towards economic conditions over the next 5-years grew by 3.3%. Though consumer confidence, according to the Index, towards household purchases fell by 0.7%.

So while consumer confidence in relation to the Australian economy is strengthening, consumers are still apprehensive about buying household goods. In fact, consumers are saving more, paying greater amounts off their home loans and looking to buy assets, rather than goods that retain little or no value.

How Can Brokers Use Positive Consumer Confidence to Their Advantage?

Brokers who are looking to increase their level of business success should focus their attention on their number of leads and client conversion and retention rates as the concentration of consumer confidence escalates. The more consumer confidence rises, the higher the number of potential clients for a broker.  Prospective clients are looking to secure the most affordable mortgage package and uncover opportunities that enable them to break into the property market or enhance their portfolio.

According to CoreLogic RP Data, the total returns on residential property, since June 2009, highlight that property values and gross rental returns are continuing to rise. Data over the last 12-months also suggests that there is continuing market growth, despite a downturn.

Over the last 12-months, according to CoreLogic, capital home values nationwide have risen by 10.0%, with total returns being as high as 13.9%. Individual capital cities, all except Perth, have seen an increase in value over the last year. Sydney home values rose by 16.9%, and Melbourne’s by 17.5%. So while gross rental returns in these capital cities have plateaued, capital values continue to increase.

This data makes it the right time for brokers to look at how they can better their business. Let’s look at how.


Broker Opportunities

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