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30-ways to boost the value of your property

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A little effort goes a long way when it comes to boosting the value of your property. It’s all about the looks when it comes to selling your house, and investing a few thousand dollars in a home reno will be sure to make your property more attractive on the market and will pay off in the long run

But what are the features that buyers are looking for nowadays? And where should you start? If you’re new to the property market and these questions are crossing your mind, this list is here to help! Incorporating just a few of these changes can help you transform your property from outdated and old, to ready for inspection!

1. Consult the professionals

Consulting professionals such as an interior designer or a real estate agent will not only provide you will a valuable second opinion, but may give you direction as to how much you want to spend and what kind of changes you should be making.  

30-ways to boost the value of your property

2. Paint the exterior

First impressions are everything, and having an aesthetically pleasing exterior to your house is sure to stimulate interest amongst prospective buyers – starting with revamping your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint! So, render that outdated 80’s red brick and give your home a fresh, neutral coat of paint.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

3. Landscape the garden

Having a garden that is neat and well laid out, as well as one which effectively uses the space you have will make your home look neat and presentable. Some landscaping ideas include incorporating lighting into your garden, planting trees and flower beds. 

30-ways to boost the value of your property

4. Improve your fencing

It’s easy to forget about the fence when it’s sitting in the periphery of your view, but a good quality fence can create a great impact and frame your home. Not only this, but buyers will also look at your fence as a means of determining how secure your home is, how private it is and how pet-friendly it may be.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

5. Replace the grass

Rolling out some new grass onto your property is a quick and easy way to increase your curb appeal and attract family buyers who want a space to entertain their kids. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Raine and Horne, a new lawn is recommended by 93% of their real estate agents as a method of increasing property value.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

6. Create an outdoor entertainment area

When buyers come to a house, they think about practicality and whether they can envision themselves relaxing and living their lives within the space. You can create this vision through additions such as adding a deck, some outdoor furniture or a pergola will be sure to impress any visitors.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

7. Add in a pool or a spa

Who doesn’t love a swim in summer or a spa to wind down after a long day at work? A pool is an attractive feature that can increase the value of your home. However, the hours of entertainment that a pool can offer comes at the price of hours of maintenance. Make sure that you are able to maintain it and it fits nicely in your backyard before opting for this big change. 

30-ways to boost the value of your property

8. Make the entryway have an impact

Features such as your front door have more of an impact than you realise. It’s the first thing people notice when they enter your house, so make sure your entryway is neat and inviting. If your front door is looking a little shabby or outdated, maybe it’s time to make the trip down to your local hardware store for a change.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

9. Add outdoor art

Adding in some outdoor art will help add some personality to your backyard, and can transform your garden from boring to interesting. Think about adding in some tasteful statues, a water feature or even a nice fountain.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

10. Think about building a granny flat!

Have some spare space in your backyard or an unused garage? Use the space effectively by adding in a granny flat. Not only can you rent it out to cash in some extra money, but it will make your property look like a worthwhile investment opportunity on the market.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

11. Pressure clean

Pressure clean any grubby outdoor surfaces such as the roof, the exterior walls, and the pavement. This simple and cheap step can instantly brighten up the appearance of your home and make it look as good as new.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

12. Repaint your walls and get rid of any wallpaper

Cracked and stained walls are never a good look, and neither is that peeling wallpaper that’s been there for 20 years. Repainting your walls is an easy way to make your home appear clean and modern. If you need some inspiration, check out this years colour trends.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

13. Update your bathrooms

Something as simple as updating any old and rusty plumbing fixtures in your bathroom can instantly modernise your bathroom. Purchasing new showerheads and faucets are relatively inexpensive, so this is an achievable change for those on a budget.

14. Add an extra bedroom to your home

If you have some extra space, why not use it to create an extra bedroom? This change not only has the practical upside of making your home family and guest friendly, but you’ll also be able to advertise your home as having more bedrooms.

15. Demolish some walls to create an open-plan home

If your home is feeling a little claustrophobic, consider knocking down some walls to embrace a more open plan living style. Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular because of the way it creates a more communal feel and can make your home appear bigger.

16. Consider a kitchen reno

Think about updating your countertops, adding a Kitchen Island if you have some spare space or updating any faulty appliances in your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most central parts of the house, so making sure it’s up to scratch will pay off when getting your house prepped for inspection.

17. Add in hardwood floors

Adding in good quality hardwood floors is a feature that will add more luxury to your home and will also be sustainable in the long run. Good quality hardwood floors will last you up to 100 years. In contrast, carpet will have to be cleaned and replaced every 10-15 years which will make it less attractive.

18. Replace all the appliances with remodels

Is your air conditioner faulty and collecting dust?  Or maybe your outdoor barbeque is a little rusted and broken? Adding in more modern appliances is a small change that will make your home appear more well maintained.

19. Declutter your home

Nobody likes a cluttered home and buyers won’t want to walk into a home that looks untidy, so pack up any unnecessary personal belongings into boxes and put it into storage. You will find that decluttering will also open up the space and make your home appear bigger.

20. Refurnish your home

When it comes to furniture, think timelessness and practicality. You want furniture that is neutral and will appeal to everyone, as well as pieces that are multipurpose. For instance, built-in wardrobes and wall shelving can not only add a decorative element but will create extra storage space.

21. Redecorate your home

Redecorating your home can completely transform the atmosphere of your home. It might also be useful to get the second opinion of an interior designer to ensure you are making the right design choices, as what you might think is tasteful could be tacky to the general public.

22. Create storage

The more storage you have, the better – it will automatically make your home appear less cluttered and will create more space. There many creative ways you can add storage to your home. Think about adding in an under the stairs cupboards, creating an attic or adding a garage.

23. Repair anything that is broken

Something as simple as a faulty door or leaky pipe will automatically tell prospective buyers that the quality of your home isn’t up to scratch. Whether you do it yourself or hire a handyman, make sure your home is fault-free.

24. Make use of any unused space

If you have unused space within your home, don’t let it go to waste. Consider transforming any bare corners into things such as a study nook, and use any bare walls as an opportunity to add in decorative pieces such as paintings and photographs.  


25. Add mirrors to your home

If you don’t have much unused space, why not create the illusion of space? Installing mirrors into your home can open up the space and also add more natural light to your home. Check out some creative ways you can incorporate mirrors into your home here.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

26. Add energy-saving appliances

Saving energy always equals saving money big time. You can increase your energy rating by ensuring your home is well insulated, and installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

27. Improve the air quality inside your home

Having good air quality is essential to creating a healthy home environment and can even affect the mood within your space. Some ways you can boost the air quality in your home include increasing ventilation, eradicating dust and mould and investing in an air purifier.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

28. Go solar

The issue of climate change has had an increasing influence over what buyers look for in a property. Opting to incorporate solar power in your home is an easy way you can attract these buyers, and plus you’ll be saving electricity in the process.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

29. Upgrade your lighting

Consider installing modern lighting fixtures in your home and also think about the colour of the light that you are putting in. Opt for yellow lighting if you want your home to have a warmer feeling, or white light if you want your home to appear more modern.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

30. Make your home more sustainable

Adding in features such as a rainwater tank or using recycled materials when renovating your home will tick all the boxes when it comes to judging your home’s ecological sustainability. If your home needs some improvement in this area, read more about ways you can make your home sustainable here.

30-ways to boost the value of your property

Words by Vidya Kathirgamalingam

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