Debbie Shankar - 26 Feb, 2016

8 Tips for Home Sale Success

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If you’re going to sell your home, then there are a number of aspects that you should consider. This will allow you to achieve your asking price and to sell within your time frame.

Top Tips for Home Sellers

1. Conduct independent research – Get to know the market you’re selling your home in and understand what the market is doing. Look at sales data and compare your home to others on the market that are situated near your home, which have similar features and fittings. This will give you a good estimation of how much you should list your property for.

2. Think realistically – The market is continually changing. Try to sell when the market favours sellers, not buyers. This will allow you to get a higher asking price for your property.

3. Presentation is a drawcard – If your home is well presented, then it has a higher chance of attracting buyers. This means cleaning windows, carpets and floors, decluttering your home and tidying-up your garden. If your lawn is brown, then water it. Refresh paint, degrease driveways and brush away cobwebs inside and outside the home. This will create a lasting impression and allow you to present your home at its very best.

4. Select optimum times for inspection – Having your home open on a weekday, when most people are working won’t allow for many prospective buyers to visit your property. The best times to have a property open for inspection are after 5.30pm weekdays and on weekends or public holidays. In addition, it is important for you to consider seasons and your location. For instance, if you’re selling in Summer and it’s typically hotter in your home during the day, then arrange for a viewing earlier in the day. Or if you have city light views, then arrange for viewings in the evening.

5. Light the way – Always allow as much natural light into your home as possible when having a viewing. Open doors, curtains and blinds, and let prospective buyers see what they are buying. There is nothing worse than entering a dark, dingy home that is lit only by indoor lights.


6. Update and upgrade – If your property is looking tired and out-dated, then consider up-grading and adding appeal to your home. But, it’s also important for you to be budget conscious when doing any renovation work. The general rule of thumb is for every dollar you spend you should look to gain $1 to $2 when you sell your home. So if you spend $2,000 on upgrades, look to sell your property for $4,000 more.

Always set yourself a budget before you start any renovation work and make sure that you stay on-budget. You can do this buying any materials on sale, or from salvage yards. You can also get a number of quotes for any work, or consider doing it yourself. However, if you’re going to do any work yourself please remember that you need to be skilled, otherwise you may create a D.I.Y disaster that detracts from the value of your home and makes it harder for you to sell the property. Typically, D.I.Y disasters include poor quality interior painting, tiling and decking.

7. Select a professional selling team – It will be harder for you to sell your property if your agent isn’t encouraging and proactive. When it comes time for you to sell invite around a number of agents for a home appraisal. Three to four agents will give you a sound indication of pricing and will also allow you to become acquainted with various agents and their styles. A good agent will be well-presented, would have conducted some preliminary research of your area, and will have a pricing range that your property falls within. They should also respond to your call or email in a timely manner. This gives you a sound indication that they are able to follow-up leads.

8. Price your property to sell – Sure we all have a ‘wish or ‘dream’ price for our property that we’d like to get when we sell. But, unless you price your property within current market expectations, then it will be highly unlikely that it will attract attention. If your asking price is too high, then this will result in your property sitting on the market for too long. The longer your property stays on the market, the less likely it is to sell.

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