Debbie Shankar - 1 Apr, 2016

How to Overcome a Poor Property Location

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You’ve heard that location, location, location means a great deal when it comes to selling real estate. But, when the home that you own is situated next to a freeway or overlooks a local quarry, so it’s noisy, sometimes dusty and not overly picturesque, location becomes a negative aspect, rather than a positive. So how can you overcome these problems when it comes time to sell?

Play on the Positives of Your Home

If you live in an area that is not overly attractive and may deter buyers, then it’s important to find out what the positives of your home are and then use these to your advantage when you go to sell. Let’s look at how you can achieve this.

1. Improve your home’s garden – We are all very aesthetic when it comes to a property. So if your home has an amazing garden that is vibrant, green and offers a potential buyer an escape from reality and anything unsightly, then they may be able to look past the freeway and the quarry.

2.Present your property at its best – Go through your home and fix anything that is need of repair, such as leaky taps, dripping shower heads, loose door handles, and dangling light fittings. If the paint inside and out of the home looks tired and worn, then take the time to freshen this up. But, make sure you do this well in advance of your sale date, otherwise your property will smell of paint, which can deter a potential buyer as they will question if you’ve covered up cracks and other potential problems.

3.Create a barrier between you and the negative – If noise is an issue then consider double glazing or putting-up high fencing that reflects noise. If the view is unsightly, then plant tall trees or put-up ornamental screens that add character to your property and block-out any view that is unattractive.

4.Have an open inspection at a favourable time – If the freeway is noisy only at a certain time of the day, or the quarry is only operating 3-days a week, then find out when it’s less noisy and when the quarry is closed. You can then inform your relator so that you can have an open inspection then. This will allow potential buyers to view your home and evaluate it based on its best aspects, rather than its worst.


5.Be able to provide potential buyers with information – Know when the freeway is nosiest and when it’s not. Know when the quarry is open and when it’s closed. If there’s a development happening nearby, then know when this will be completed and how this could possibly affect your home. Being able to provide your realtor and potential buyer with answers to any questions could mean the difference between selling or not selling your home.

6.If your home isn’t the most attractive looking, then dress it up – Red or cream brick homes that look out-dated can be a deterrent for a buyer. Render and paint can often completely change the appearance of a property and can make it appear more modern.

7.Screen off neighbours – If your neighbours are close and there is a low boundary fence between you and them, then consider putting-up a higher fence that gives you greater privacy, or planting tall trees that don’t allow your neighbours to see into your home.

8.Put in an outdoor entertaining area – An attractive outdoor or alfresco dining area is a draw-card that will entice a potential buyer. Placing this in an area that is away from noise and any unsightly view will give a potential buyer a means for escape, and also a place to relax.

Overall, when dressing-up your property for sale and seeking to overcome any negative aspects it is important to consider your budget. Don’t overspend and then expect to recoup this in the sale price. Think value, and only change what will add value to your property without burning a hole in your wallet.

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