- 1 Sep, 2017

Real Estate Investar: Refine Your Property Search

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Real Estate Investar

About Real Estate Investar

Real Estate Investar helps people create wealth through property investment. Whether you are just starting out in property investment, or are looking to add to your existing portfolio, they provide everything people need to make successful property investing decisions and grow their portfolios.

Real Estate Investar was founded in 2006 and was originally a digital real estate magazine publisher (before the age of iPads!) branded as Real Estate Investor Magazine.

Starting out as a publisher of content-rich magazines on a range of property investing topics and strategies to a wide investor audience, Real estate Investar took their market intelligence and love of technology and property investment, to set out to give investors everywhere a unique, new solution. Real Estate Investar has now developed their own online tools to help investors achieve their property investing goals and invest better.

Real Estate Investar Offer

Being able to pinpoint the suburbs experiencing strong rates of growth, or conversely those becoming more affordable, is an essential tool that will help you refine your property search whether you are an investor or home-buyer.

This free pack of Real Estate Investar First Home Buyers and Property Investors reports, valued at $693, will give you a deeper insight into the trends affecting the suburbs you may be interested in investing or buying in.

Take advantage of this free resource today!

Real Estate Investar

How the Report Will Help You

Download this pack of seven top 50 suburb reports now to:

  • Identify suburbs experiencing the fastest rates of median growth.
  • Target areas where owning is more affordable than renting.
  • Find suburbs where you can purchase property for as little as $50,000.
  • Avoid the suburbs experiencing declining rates of median price growth which could lead to disastrous financial results.

What You Will Receive

You will receive these top 50 suburb reports at a national and state level:

  • Smarter to buy than rent suburbs.
  • Cheapest rental suburbs.
  • Fastest median growth suburbs.
  • Best 4 year growth average suburbs.
  • Cheapest suburbs.
  • Biggest 4 year price decline suburbs.
  • Biggest average median price decline suburbs.

These suburb reports are compiled from the very latest data by our partners at Real Estate Investar, and have proven to be a valuable tool for investors and home-buyers.

Take advantage of this free resource today!

Real Estate Investar

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