- 15 Aug, 2017

Ten Handy Apps and Sites for Investment Properties

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When you build your property portfolio, you want to know you’ve made a sound decision. Sure, you can conduct research, but sometimes this is time-consuming. So, how can you find out more without losing hours? Let’s look at ten of the best time-saving property investment apps and sites now.

Property Value

Property investors can determine the value of a property using research data. With 98% of all properties in Australia listed, the propertyvalue.com.au site offers:

  • Free basic content and premium content subscriptions
  • RP Data
  • Rent estimates
  • Gross yields and cash flow
  • Property and areas comparisons

Property Data

Helping you to find out more about an area and uncovering trends, the sqmresearch.com.au site helps investors stay one-step ahead with:

  • Free basic and premium subscription content
  • Property data reviews
  • Vacancy rates
  • Sold records and yields
  • Suburb demographics

Construction Industry Data

Know what the construction industry is doing before you buy. Keep up with changes and developments and how these will affect your investments. The hia.com.au site provides:

  • Everyday investor value
  • Standards and regulation information
  • Insight for investors renovating
  • Frequent updates on housing trends
  • Forecasts using independent data and market research

Taxes and Fees

Understand taxation costs better so you make informed buying decisions. The Australian Taxation Office – ato.gov.au – site provides clear insight and covers:

  • Current tax laws
  • All tax terms and definitions in a tax encyclopaedia
  • Terms and conditions
  • Statistical tables for costs

Building Data

Avoid shonky builders by checking them out before signing a contract at alwayscheckyourbuilder.com.au. Consequently, this site enables you to:

  • Find your builder
  • Check a builder’s license
  • Review any restriction or endorsements
  • Purchase a background report – dispute history and credit status

Property Calculator

This app allows you to make the most of your investment property by claiming depreciation at the end of the financial year. Created by Washington Brown taxation experts, the app is easy to use and handy. Plus, it includes:

  • Free use
  • iOS only – Android users can download BMT Tax app
  • A depreciation calculator
  • Maximum tax refund calculator

Suburb Investor

Property investors can compare investment property potential. Fast and simple, this app is perfect for investors wanting on-the-spot information for:

  • Free
  • iOS and Android
  • RP data
  • Comparing investment properties
  • Suburb specifics
  • Annual average growth rate
  • Estimates of current value and equity
  • Top 20 yielding suburbs – subscription only

Rent Right App

Ideal for the landlord, this app acts as a digital organiser. Landlords can download a heap of useful information for:

  • Free
  • iOS and Android
  • Record and compliance management – templates

Property Calculator Australia

Find out how much a property will cost you before you put in an offer. This app gives you realistic results for:

  • Free
  • iOS and Android
  • Mortgage repayments
  • Stamp duty
  • Lenders mortgage insurance
  • Customised loan terms
  • Comparing options

Dulux Colour

The straightforward way to pick a colour scheme for a home. This app is ideal for investors looking to revamp property for:

  • Free
  • iOS and Android
  • See what your home will look like
  • Colour applications to your areas using a picture
  • Low light situations
  • Realistic visualisation

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