My success stories

Good Day Tony, Settlement took place this afternoon and we have now taken possession of the property. I would like to thank you for the sterling service provided to us and state how grateful we are for all the assistance, advice and negotiations you conducted on our behalf to meet the tight timelines. The service goes beyond what one would normally expect and we are also appreciative of this.

Whilst I will be touching base with you soon, I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you and eChoice all the best for the future. Rest assured we will be spreading word of our experience amongst family and friends.

Ashoo, QLD

Our broker was very professional. He knew what he was talking about, listened to what I had to say, and knew what to do with the information that I gave him. All in all an extremely good experience. Thank you!

eChoice Customer, Australia

Our broker has been extremely helpful in making our first home purchase. We were always kept up to date, and our questions and concerns were answered and addressed super quickly. We will definitely use him as our broker again someday.

eChoice Customer, Australia

Tony provides a great service providing excellent detailed home loan comparatives so you know you are getting the best deal for you, and assistance to complete the paperwork to get your loan. Very Happy. Will be returning to eChoice.

Richard, QLD

Our broker (Tony) has assisted us with our loan application, and is still assisting with stage two! After discussions with friends who have tried to secure finance on their own, or through their ‘big bank’ – I’m very grateful for the knowledge and assistance from our broker!

Colleen, QLD